Extremely Picky Eater Fears Food

How a 9-year-old girl copes with her "food neophobia" in "picky eater rehab."
3:00 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Extremely Picky Eater Fears Food
It's common for children to turn up their noses at some foods but for certain kids meal time picking this goes way beyond the hatred of vegetables. Their condition is so extreme doctors have a name for it. Food meal phobia and for these little ones and their parents developing a healthy diet can mean years of coaxing even therapy. Tonight the story of one little girl facing up to a great big challenge -- here's ABC's between neighboring. When we need the Graham family in Kansas City in August last year this is what -- looks like and the -- -- -- but Aaron who was seven at the time. Stares at an empty plate and what Eric her father wants her to do is -- one half of a cherry tomato with Aaron won't. That's because she's not just a picky eater she's an extremely picky -- Want to -- and good thing. Actually -- suffers from what doctors call food near phobia. A virtual fear of food. That spaghetti she's offered and the cherry tomato she can barely keep them down. It was a nightly routine that the grams -- entire food repertoire -- had about ten items. Kids just love pizza everything cool. But it can get their pizza chicken dealers and -- -- there there there. And breakfast we discovered what -- would eat. Yes. Breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes and French toast. Sometimes breakfast is the only -- shall eat she also like some fruits. Grilled American cheese sandwiches prepared a certain way chips Fries. Crackers and peanut butter but only if it's creamy and only certain brands. No meat or vegetables no pop -- salad. She's even choosy about desserts -- -- hard on him. Have you always been understanding because she's -- And from any hard and -- we've been doing the wrong thing while I think that's why we recognize. She's not thinking that. You're measure average active kid she. But this is affecting her health she often has -- stomach -- It began in infancy she yet acid reflux every feeding was painful what. Did the doctors telling she'll outgrow it -- and. We've had the 515 when she's hungry for me to start her did you try to start from detectives say this is what's for dinner people think -- -- special making a meal for her all the time it's my fault. It's he -- sign of catering to her win -- I would show her who respond. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- For some with food -- of phobia new foods make them physically ill. Act for others it's simply taste bad. With Aaron it's both. That's why -- parents and parents are at wit's end. They decide to take drastic measures. Well -- By and rolling her at duke university. In an intensive five day program run by doctor Nancy zucker. We're not just talking about I don't like my broccoli and -- not -- -- season. -- knows a tomato juice. Doctor -- runs the center for eating disorders at duke where they study -- a phobia. Everything goes to food fads and phases can about and damages day after day after days that his -- in chains and that's just normal a picky -- is one for whom that -- just doesn't shift all the work with -- has been about retraining her experience of food given their tools to relax and funny and -- in mind. Midway through her week in food rehab things are intensifying. A girl who never makes -- foods is asked to try different combinations. She's also asked to experiment with some different tastes like pizza sauce. Because their one big wish is to be able to eat pizza at sleepovers. Faulty part time -- back. They're not yet her first breakthrough is Turkey bacon and here's the hard part is -- -- Faculty -- the salukis. -- -- what seems like nothing new most people is huge -- girl who's never eaten meat. Clinton and that it expected far with doctors appears helped Erin begins to -- -- -- for eating habits. Armed with these new strategies that Graham's head back to Kansas City to try it for themselves -- so a year later we check in on -- to see how she's doing and to our surprise she's made some major strides. For breakfast -- still that are sweet tooth. But she added different flavors its pumpkin pancakes today with -- side of you guessed it. Crispy bacon. So that week that was five. Days does that really change your life we did come comments -- -- exhausting she was a mess emotionally and take drain. If it weren't for doctors -- and her team. I don't think -- would be motivated Arab -- work. Once a week they try something new. It's what they call a food is -- This is circulated in Japan that it -- comes out -- checked. Actors actresses and what she really likes strong case would call their picky that she hasn't -- yet. Allen apparently celery and peanut butter with a little -- with a little -- on -- it's. And a long road. Every meal logged every bite recorded. But the biggest surprise comes during lunch at a restaurant with Amy and -- so when we look at the -- What's on here that you want and don't want halftime. You heard right column Mari can't -- back -- -- council panel and a cheeseburger. New tastes and expanding -- not quite at pizza and yet. But oh so close. This is -- may bring for Nightline in Kansas City.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"How a 9-year-old girl copes with her \"food neophobia\" in \"picky eater rehab.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14886878","title":"Extremely Picky Eater Fears Food","url":"/Nightline/video/extremely-picky-eater-fears-food-14886878"}