Behind the Face of Elmo

Puppeteer Kevin Clash opens up about playing the Muppet the world adores.
5:06 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Behind the Face of Elmo
He has -- millions of toddlers learn the alphabet their shapes colors about sharing making friends singing songs even about. Potty training but no toddler and few parents could likely tell you his name that's because his talents find expression through and Alter ego. Called Elmo and on the off chance there any young Elmo fans in the room now being -- good time to go brush teeth. Here's ABC's -- check. It's a nondescript bag but inside it's a creature with the power to mesmerized millions of children the world over just -- -- so -- -- fabric. A little foam. And lots of EPA. How well like and a former -- -- -- -- -- -- Elmo has a simple nature. She did -- -- superb comic timing and a wide range of facial expression referring monster. -- Yeah. But we confronted him about something shocking you might not know about. Kevin Clash. -- cabin class. You don't. How -- he's not used to -- -- -- -- They discover that -- was approximately two black and they don't look at me have most of the time they don't Elmo easy pop. And this is master puppeteer Kevin Clash. Are Elmo but you can't be a long time -- with intent to -- now mean I could -- -- -- But -- you they can't. -- -- Peter Pan syndrome. Kevin's journey from working class Baltimore to international stardom is chronicled in a new award winning documentary being -- It delves into cabins early obsession with puppets you so. -- puppets. Yeah I -- mom I'm -- had a so when the singer sewing machine probably the Asian intends -- kids tease you about audition -- -- -- play -- dolls and then argued by first local television show or -- -- while schools -- that -- And you became most likely to become a million yes of course did that country and to become an. Not bad for a kid who plays -- well no hello. The forecast and a little red monster who is forever three years old was almost tossed aside that's the first drawings designs alma. Why they're much wider -- -- burglars -- but that's the first design them. In his early Sesame Street episode Elmo voice by another puppeteers used to sound quite different now -- -- all the I thought any day now was important go to you didn't know yet but haven't came up with a new voice. And saved -- Alma may have been -- -- you take. -- -- Not only. It's the -- that launched a toy phenomenon. Modano has played the re on Sesame Street for over forty year what is -- that every child. In the world seems to connect twelve he's -- -- positive. Things cannot go wrong Elmo can fix it and -- can make things -- At only eighteen inches almost stands tall in the pantheon of Jim Henson's -- creation. You know and has all these different -- excellence -- -- -- -- Now. Kevin maintains the Henson legacy and that's what's expected within that -- arms. At least. Perhaps the only regret for a man -- and -- the world's children. Is that his own child after his divorce felt neglected she actually came to you and said dad need to pay attention -- you. And your child can do that in the second. When you write a touch of death and she did in in and and and we're the better for -- And yet the hours are still long at public events Kevin mixture -- meets nearly each and every child. -- -- Yeah. Elmo loves everyone which is why perhaps everyone -- -- For Nightline I'm -- -- -- in New York.

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{"id":14807299,"title":"Behind the Face of Elmo","duration":"5:06","description":"Puppeteer Kevin Clash opens up about playing the Muppet the world adores.","url":"/Nightline/video/face-elmo-14807299","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}