New Face of Fashion: Asian Models

Asian supermodels are the hottest new stars of haute couture.
4:56 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for New Face of Fashion: Asian Models
You know it's fashions job to challenge us to show us how high those heels can really go or how much that Collor can pop. Fashion is supposed to start at the cutting had to go wild from there. But in some respects the fashion industry can seem downright stodgy like the long standing traditional ideal of what the supermodel looks like now that too may be changing. Here's ABC's Stephanie thought. From the top designer shows in New York ads for the all American brand GAAP. A new group of supermodels is taking center stage move over Heidi Gisele Naomi. Make way for dude -- from pay and rising stars -- win. Who was booked more than any model of -- during New York's recent Fashion Week. Real winds also the first Chinese model to ever walk the Victoria's Secret runway a -- couldn't. Usually dominated by blonde -- Why do you think you were one of the only Asian models to ever model for Victoria's Secret. Yeah but -- every day you just got up some -- -- just -- to you couldn't -- you know what the bill would that mean. It did you know you eat too -- -- -- -- -- excellent type -- and the thing. Prominent meets in this not not to make -- an invalid. She was a group of models featured in vote heralding the rise of the Asian model. The photo was stunning but the headline drew immediate fire. They said and you properties models from China South Korea and Japan it's redefining traditional concepts of beauty. That's a little bit like vote saying it's 2011. And we finally adding that Asian women are beautiful blogger -- -- His cynical about the trend she says it's driven not by a new appreciation for ease and beauty but -- eight pure profit motive. The booming buying power of the Chinese consumer. China's -- overtake the US in becoming the number one -- market any day now I think the fashion industry is starting to take note and starting to you. Put people to represent that market. Into their pages. In cosmetics alone the Asian market is soon poised to be the world's largest. Growing to 85 billion dollars a year. Suspect the township. Quite yet but first -- -- a little bit nervous it turned out so beautiful that was in the New York Times. Introducing a nature indignation from Estee -- racers. Estee Lauder recently jumped on the bandwagon signing BO when as its first Asian brand ambassador joining the ranks of Liz Hurley and when -- -- -- The company is hoping to tap into a new market of one point three billion people. -- -- -- should be celebrated for signing someone who went to be -- first Asian spokes model last year you know that is a big deal modeling contract. It's -- holy Grail for every model and to have an Asian face represent that. A whole 100 -- Chinese born and bred Asian -- represented that's amazing. Un American brand and Asian face. You tell me -- -- -- when now 23 years old has come along wave from her small village in China's Yunnan Province. After winning a modeling contest she was discovered by French stylist Joseph -- When -- that's -- -- she's a Chinese under discussion can give so much so much so much. We such an advance and that which includes -- increase your resume readers to. But the very you're still loom large critics say only Asian casting like you've -- she's last fall over couture show. -- are racist it was the same criticism leveled at vogue Italian for its so called all black issue. Ask for the vote editorial. Unfortunately. It plays into news you know the stereotype that Asians -- -- Because the models it -- -- like. Adding insult to injury British votes recent article about the rise of Asian models -- -- -- when as an entirely different Chinese model. I think there's something to be said about grouping a bunch of Asian models together. And I think in a way that yields almost at a fat and the trend -- is something that just feels like melting pot of beauty. -- when thinks the widening lens of beauty is more than an it bag and she's just enjoying the ride. I mean this isn't right grapes and -- I feel the what is smaller and as a special open the car full paying field before a black male white -- not have kind of you know asking scale. -- -- the -- Houston she says it's only a matter of time before she -- her next -- There. An American vogue cover for Nightline I'm Stephanie -- in --

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Asian supermodels are the hottest new stars of haute couture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14742806","title":"New Face of Fashion: Asian Models","url":"/Nightline/video/face-fashion-asian-models-14742806"}