Facebook group connects people grappling with shocking DNA test results

Hope Lamonica joined the group called DNA NPE Friends after she found out that the man who had raised her wasn't her biological dad. NPE stands for "not parent expected."
7:17 | 08/04/18

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Transcript for Facebook group connects people grappling with shocking DNA test results
My da was M best friend. Reporter: Eves an adult, hope la was daddy'ttle girl. We would talkthe phone fou times aweek. We talked about dating. Marriage. His golf game.everything reporter: The51-year-old daughter of an armynthope gre up with her father teaway. He was ally gonequite a bit. So it St me and my mom. The relationship' the best my mom. But Y managed to build a beautifulily on Y own. Reporter: A beaul family Ken for granted. But a routine est searching for ancestral Lin toica would throw all that into question. So you excited toeeort of E itage is from. Ight. Ths you're looking, on the next pag it says, "See who you match up wi." What did find? The first person W match th,t said, this either your rent, your child, or your identical . Did have a C at that point? That you didn't know about? That I didn'tabout, rm Bel go off? Immediatel think immediately start shaking. And my heartas pounding. Reporter: Cnced the must beomort of mistake hope reacho her genetic tch. I sent ao them H ancestry. And I said, I just G results, and I don't under whatheymean. I filly said tohim, myda Na W wheeler and my mom's Meas Lillian, and I was born in Albuquerque. That was wn he responded back andsaid, I Thi I know whhismeans. He said, my heart isnding. And io cause you any pain. Going through your mind? What pain is he going cause me? Whathe going to tell me? Reporter: Came the call that sent hernto sh He , my name is Melvin, there' not an easy way for me to say this,e says, but I'm the. Howid that hiyou? I rember tears immedia streamedown my fac I'm thinking, how could this ibly ? I have a father. My dad raid me. This can't be hang. R: Melvi TD her that whi the dad who raised her had beenoned abroad, hee had a brief affaiit mother, nnowing she was ma ho's mom later told Melvin she'd bec egnant, B then took the secret to hergrave. I went THR stage W I was ----now who be Ang O upset because of the denial the S that been kept. Reporter:n despairope os LE her. Her search led to this woman, Katherine St. R, who srted a febook group calledanpe friends, "Not parent expected." . Clair too stning results when she ceived a DNA day prese from her siblin Wn ame to th alization myrother and I were ha-siblings I looked and theeiesta swing liken lsd ip. Rr: She created this discreet, invitaon-only facebookgrp. We said, M we can find E can talkto. We S aty, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get as as 12? R:allooned to 2,200. For npe members, gro been ane. O ushese people CING us with aaw, open wound. And there's nope adminter medical help T that wound, you wi Do you ever eounter tho know-ust LE sleeping dogs lie? Ohsure, we heart allthe time. And ridicul. Rid a lot. Becausehe attitude is, you ouldn't Beal this. Hy air D laexactly. But that's calling me dir Laun I'not dirty laundry, I'm a human being. I'm T , on. Repr: For ho, it wa time to confront her newy. Theher who raised confessed he'd known H mother's secret but agreed to ra H asisown. I remember himoo anapologizing. And H said, isorry, can you five me? I'm like,reng to foive, you were trying to otect . I uerstand in his dydays,e a W for you. That he wanted me to meet my dad. And that H always B my daddy. Rr: Hope stieeded one more blessing before she cotrack down thatoice on the other end of the her daughter's. I ft liken't want to open ndora's didn't know what other secrets there. U know,hat this S going to really bad. I my gfather passed away is WHE I became a littleor. Eporter: Aer weeks O long conversations, hope's biologicaer men traveled from Georgia toolorado to mee face-to-face. T camend him and his wif and immedte he embce and we just held E What Completen yes, I my daddy who rai me. But this was the other O me. I have a happy S so manyeople in our group that they will contact their biologicalfather the siblings, a they don believe them. And they say T test isn't true, this is acr do T that ion. Repor ho's family helping her come terms wi theewly discovered one. Weallyt when I found out. I went through a stage of depressidefinitely role coasr. You said you werelost, a now? I'm found. Reporter:nd onhis day, another highly anticipate ING. Ter morehan year near-contion stantact, hope and Katherine a a meet in Pers what was it like meeting ce? Magical. No. Yeah, it was magical. You are like fy I a Funn wa Weare, yes. It's more than justike a fraternity, with us. In a fraternity, they share beer. We're ring our sos. R aharing with being familymeans lot morth sharing DNA. What do you think about the father whoaisedyo I know he passed. He was so remark able man. Hat a big heart. Very big heart. You're lucky. I am ky. Peopl don H one good father, I ended up wiwo good dads. Oh god,'re making ???ik D you love me ???

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"Hope Lamonica joined the group called DNA NPE Friends after she found out that the man who had raised her wasn't her biological dad. NPE stands for \"not parent expected.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57029231","title":"Facebook group connects people grappling with shocking DNA test results","url":"/Nightline/video/facebook-group-connects-people-grappling-shocking-dna-test-57029231"}