Before They Were Famous, They Were in Competition

Inside the Los Angeles acting competition that launched some Hollywood stars' careers.
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Transcript for Before They Were Famous, They Were in Competition
-- -- it is the ultimate school play add drama competition with the star studded alumni list that draws in high schoolers from across Los Angeles Beverly Hills to the streets of south central. ABC's David Wright brings us the inspiring story of one team who went from drugs and gangs. All the world's -- stage. Oh yeah. Well yeah. Most the the play's the thing so that card once wrote. -- -- In this case not catch the conscience of -- king but rather to inspire young people that no dream is beyond their -- That's the theme of Shakespeare high -- new showtime documentary about an annual competition for high school actor's. -- in Southern California. It's going on protecting. Happened in this. Room. I actually can pinpoint that as the moment. I realized I no longer wanted to be an actor. I was. Spacey isn't the only famous salaam is also species classmates from Chatsworth high school in San Fernando Valley. They're winning hand and Val Kilmer and when you must have been held with -- yeah it was -- -- error. Lucky experience. It oh always makes a difference when you have. It's someone to look up to mayor was a big inspiration. Kevin was word just getting started did you guys -- I think we never lost. But there was tough competition even for them. Other famous alarms of the program include Oscar winners Cuba Gooding junior Richard Dreyfus and Sally fields. As well as Christina Applegate and Nicolas Cage. The point of the program isn't so much to identify the big name actors of tomorrow peace is all about encouraging kids to engage. Intensely personal way with great literature and with -- each other. How far as Shakespeare from high school world honestly actually and in some mainstream not too far. Yeah. And since we have been doing speech and debate we just -- competition. That's that's it was a completely mind changing experience so it helped me understand. Variety of characters. Luis quipped so nicknamed taco used to be a member of an LA street -- Rocco is that. That's -- -- name that's names and Akron and actually it's Stanford taking thoughts on those out. What the Congo the biggest -- won't be too long -- and did some bus and -- and -- accuses Shakespeare. This sort of bonding experience he never. Again when you're trying to learn new languages -- when you're struggling with other people we can unite. On the streets it's everybody for themselves. On. That's something that I like about theater that we work as a group he also got to compete against kids from more affluent school. Tacos team won. They went all the way to Broadway well. We've -- -- row after row after row -- it's like a coliseum for these young actors what better training. In the grander stage of life -- Shakespeare. Bring an -- yeah bringing us -- -- No matter what hard and play. I'm David Wright for Nightline in Van --

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{"id":17223343,"title":"Before They Were Famous, They Were in Competition","duration":"3:00","description":"Inside the Los Angeles acting competition that launched some Hollywood stars' careers. ","url":"/Nightline/video/famous-competition-17223343","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}