How Does a 'Fat Chef' Diet?

Chef Michael Mignano was a 500-pound diabetic before the Food Network show.
6:00 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for How Does a 'Fat Chef' Diet?
Celebrity chef Paula dean's recent announcement that she has been diagnosed with type two diabetes was big news because in -- kitchen. It's always been the more -- the -- while that slogan often true. For the pastry chef and tonight we meet one who faced a health crisis seemingly even more extreme -- -- With his own irresistible suites to blame. Here's ABC's -- check. In many ways Michael -- his job was killing him and I think they allowed the stresses of work and life just compounding this. Literally eat me alive over the years he went from an athlete with a 34 inch waist to a 500. Pound diabetic. In -- 2009 I was diagnosed with type two diabetes and I went into stocks -- -- didn't feel well -- my sugar and it was -- through the roof. But Michael has another unusual risk factors this is what he does for a living that is so decadent. Good golly. His signature sweet is a secret recipe for a vessel of sin and -- week to week candy bar wow. Wow. That's hilarious thing -- -- good clean fun for. Even Oprah is a fan. And I love to make people happy through what I create. It's his -- street rallies that one -- an audition for -- Food Network show it became an unexpected moment of truth my concern. Was not what I'm gonna prepare for what's to be thrown at me in the competition. Is it my jackets -- -- And it's it's this kind of ridiculous that's when the Food Network asked if he'd be interested in a different kind of show. The show debuts tomorrow night following Michael and other chefs as they try to lose weight while still surrounded by temptation so let's say you're addicted to foods. Connect alcoholic work in a bar. You know what yes and -- say this is all -- self control not with. Doing the show affection I actually learned to rethink the -- -- look at it. -- -- -- -- Of course the maker of fat -- the Food Network also made a star out of the water queen -- dean. Who recently announced that she has type two diabetes. And it was really slump in. That I had had -- -- At the same time she partnered with the drug company I am being compensated. My children -- compensated. But -- -- like everybody else. Don't work Michael says he cured his diabetes -- with medication but by dropping a hundred pounds in four months. I'm -- for wow it's actually cure diabetes coming to a percent to seventy. Known for medicine -- number pills no pills three months. Like Paula dean Michael makes no excuses for selling treats loaded with sugar and starts. Here you are pushing butter and sugar for everybody else but for yourself you're saying I kept back you know what it -- -- the industry. I think it's the way most Americans have received food. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's take that off. He's maintaining the diet and exercise program the -- tailored for him this has fantastic. Amount approaching the first thing I started it was -- more. Isn't that exactly eat every four hours but it's what -- ain't so I feel myself with. This fighter and very lean proteins you can have 5000 calories of nothing. To spot -- -- talents that blacks -- just make your blood levels crash. When he came to exercise -- the onetime track star had to take it slow my mind wanted to work and won its run but. Legs weren't moving we did -- up. And -- because Obama. And then went to one man left and a half you know and in December at the gym you know I was -- -- five -- what. It's just it just access -- person. Died -- Mike down works with food addicts he says -- of his patients are professional chefs -- the -- -- is a brilliant concept why. Because we have to help the -- to get healthier if they are going to offer healthier options for the people there cook for. He says working around food can be torturous for people trying to lose weight. When -- working around food which I talk about in -- rehab is actually your chemically addictive. You're actually teach yourself to be rewarded sometimes with food and that affects the brain in powerful ways. Can you come be a good -- without tasting your -- You know and it is the fine line between pacing and -- So -- and I can taste a brownie. And that's it and then. You know from my old self I would that's hard I would taste of drowning and in case another piece of -- Obama has -- how has your life apparently -- your kids changed amazing. Now my sons get to enjoy their father more I'm not the deaths of some couch and watch TV. I would get up and we go play soccer -- run around and you know. To see their faces like that it's it makes me think what I've been denying them through meeting selfish about myself and me. -- -- -- Even though he's finished taping the show Michael's gone on to lose fifteen more pounds so what's the jingle. So the same goal is me to be I Phelan as as good guy. -- -- like to be back. You know 250. -- you on behalf and then -- started half man half a man. -- -- -- -- And and I have a good road ahead of me but I have everything they need to succeed for now Michael seems to be creating a new recipe for a healthier life. It just makes me happier. Results we have happier there. For Nightline I'm juju Chang in Port Washington New York.

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{"id":15444873,"title":"How Does a 'Fat Chef' Diet?","duration":"6:00","description":"Chef Michael Mignano was a 500-pound diabetic before the Food Network show.","url":"/Nightline/video/fat-chefs-diet-15444873","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}