How 'Fat Jewish' Became King of Instagram

Yahoo Global Anchor Katie Couric talks with Josh Ostrovsky, the man behind the wildly popular and hilarious account.
3:31 | 03/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How 'Fat Jewish' Became King of Instagram
He made a name for himself being slovenly. His alias as offensive to some as it is popular with others. The fat jewish. He has millions of internet followers to show for it. Even his dog is famous. But there is one woman he'll clean up for. That's our colleague and global anchor Katie couric. Reporter: Josh, aka the fat jewish, the fat Jew, has been making quite a name for himself as the king of instagram. Known for his hilarious and at times even thought-provoking posts, his crazy antics -- This is a cardio party! Whoo! Reporter: And even crazier hair, the fat jewish now has more than 3 million followers. I wanted to know how he got his foot in the door so we met up recently in New York at a nail salon. I think what really makes the fat jewish the fat jewish is the kangss, obviously. How do you come up with these captions? How did George Washington found America? How did whoever painted the system chapel do that? Michelangelo? Whatever. It just is. It's just a gift? It just comes. Reporter: A recent favorite is the sign from the subway. Satisfy your Valentine with a foot long. Right. They're probably not referencing jewish people, yeah. I like hillbilly. Half Hillary, half bill Yep. Kanye west, what he wants his baby to look like. Which is him. He got in touch with me and we had brunch. What this. I don't know if he's not seeing it or doesn't care or maybe he's feeling it. Tell me sort of the genesis of this whole thing. It basically just started as like me putting up funny stuff. And now it's gone like -- Mainstream. It became this big thing. I've gotten hit up by people, like you've really pulled me out of daily struggle. You and Oprah. I'm very even Ra except I cannot give away a car. You can get a croissant, you can get a croissant, you'll reimburse me. Reporter: 31 and recently married he's turned his at that time jewish persona into a gig. Tell me about the money. There's money in this. Give me an example. Craftsman tools. It's like, you're building me a giant bowl of chili. Jimmy: You got in the bowl which looked disgusting, was that gross? Gross and not gross, it exfoliated me a little bit. I had a glow, I looked pregnant when I got out. Reporter: He's not the only one in his house bringing home the bacon. His dog toast, a cavalier king Charles spaniel, is also an instagram celebrity. How did you find toast? Toast was a rescue dog. Actually all of her teeth were rotted. And so once all of her teeth were taken out, her lung hangs out all the time. It gives her a unique look. Like J. Lo's butt or Cindy Crawford's mole. Totally, toast got the tongue. You must think the world is mad. 2015 is weird, yeah. I'm like super into it. I'm getting pedicures with you. Like, this is awesome. Our thanks to Katie. You can get to to see more of her wacky day with josh and toast. Charlie Chaplin said, a day without laughter is a day wasted.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"Yahoo Global Anchor Katie Couric talks with Josh Ostrovsky, the man behind the wildly popular and hilarious account.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"29521314","title":"How 'Fat Jewish' Became King of Instagram","url":"/Nightline/video/fat-jewish-king-instagram-29521314"}