FDA Crackdown on 'HCG Diet'

Warnings were issued to companies marketing the hormone as weight loss products.
3:00 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for FDA Crackdown on 'HCG Diet'
Well there are sixty billion reasons to get into the weight loss of business. And so many dollars we the people spent each year in the struggle for a smaller select. But almost -- berries roots -- hormones also lead to a staggering number of Americans getting either ripped off sick. Or both today the FDA pulled one wildly popular group of dietary products from the shelves so tonight we survey what other diets are most popular. And how they perform here's ABC's share Alfonse. It isn't -- holiday tradition big meals there batches of cookies and was cocktails and then -- shot. Tis the season weight gain and an almost immediately a desperate attempt to lose it -- -- to -- usual. -- -- -- -- as fast as we just went their way into obscurity just as asleep yet they offer the promise of the same -- Quick fix to back. But do these diets work and more importantly are they states. For example today the FDA announced the first step in banning the sale of the ingredient used in the so called HCG diet when you put them on -- time. You basically feel a little bit of a little bit of a burning -- they can. They go is an HCG -- T we interviewed earlier this year. The HCG drops derived from of pregnancy -- suppress your appetite you either do it for 23 days -- maximum of forty days. Conduct and 23 days and if I can with fifteen pounds -- and a now the FDA has ordered all homeopathic. HCG weight loss products removed from the market. In the products are unproven to help with weight loss and potentially dangerous. -- when taken as directed. But there's no shortage of other diets to dabbling in and so we dissembled -- -- the top dietitians. On her rating scale of zero to five. Zero being the worst and five being the best we asked the experts to rate all the most popular diets today it's almost as -- the more -- ludicrous a diet sounds. More attractive it becomes. And so many of them are tied to the stars are moms like Mariah and funny guys like -- hill. We see celebs -- sizes and want to know what's secret. Buying into the idea that there grabs -- but those lakes can be ours if we just -- drops these pills or eat that jar. Sounds so good and -- -- -- -- there's. The promise you follow these rules that you get this result it's hard not to be paused then -- that mentality that feeds into the diet industry a multi billion dollar industry. Looking to market the latest craze or recycle an old one. The new fad diets are the same as the old and diets. Last -- Jennifer Aniston and found herself accidental face a promotion the debate -- diet. He's really don't know anything about diets what do you know -- that they've lost weight. And don't forget -- celebrities have personal -- airbrushed photos and private trainers and customize their every meal. People like -- C Anderson. The trinity of the stars was rumored to have been urging clients to -- -- food. She has sung the praises of -- foods they're loaded with nutrients but she never intended people until -- doctor Gerber. I actually had baby food companies -- -- -- -- -- Food diet I would give it all the -- for effective and speak class. Could still. Even -- eating food. Over eight even Tracy says she sits -- minted with -- -- The most extreme ignited it was I was I was -- -- -- -- and I asked me menstrual cycle. Brought food to ministers -- a difference of opinion among the experts. The raw food diet as far as nutrition. My -- for the raw food diet in zero because it is potentially dangerous and efficient and many nutrients. The -- requires his followers to all overall all the time. Positive and -- is that a lot of people do start eating more -- that's an average American is not eating an effort that helped. Hold up under here and I'm process past is cave man diet. Actress Megan -- the celeb rumored to be a fan I like -- -- day -- as far as nutrition I would get up for cave man cuisine. A diet of raw fruits vegetables and meats and today is world you can't eat like a -- -- I have -- if you're sitting on the -- From cave man to deal to -- civilized. At the forefront of paid ads for 2011. Is the duke in diet. A protein heavy diet in port visas that you can't diet as far as that's. Up four definitely. Very trendy I think it's very. Confusing little different cycles. Aces and I think for the average person. They could get a little lost electors must -- -- -- little is said to have used car restricting diet helps him baby weight and tabloid report it's -- secret behind Pippen Middleton royal accent. But -- not the worst eating habits in the world are Americans really ready to trade in their love affair -- decadent treats. That lead golden fried irresistible greasy goodness are real commitment. If you really want to change your relationship with and you really want to get results that are going to last anymore -- -- It really boils down to just a simple question. Are you willing to give -- these funds for those funds for Nightline I'm journal fancy in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Warnings were issued to companies marketing the hormone as weight loss products.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15101496","title":"FDA Crackdown on 'HCG Diet'","url":"/Nightline/video/fda-crackdown-hcg-diet-15101496"}