Feed Frenzy: BASE-Jumping Off Everest, Michele Bachmann Quits

"Nightline" offers a wrap of the hottest stories trending today.
1:47 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Feed Frenzy: BASE-Jumping Off Everest, Michele Bachmann Quits
Do Mount Everest a Minnesota Republican and a hero prom queen have in common well there are three of the -- you stories of the day and the center. Of tonight's Nightline he frenzy. Someone once asked British mountaineer George Mallory why do you want -- climb. Mount Everest. Because it's there. The answers famously well today we ask Russian daredevil Valerie rose. Why do you want to jump off Mount Everest. Well because is there and because modern win -- allow humans to fly up to 125 miles an hour before. Parachuted safely land and because no one has ever done a base jump this high. So why don't. Big congrats to Valerie and -- but done -- means goodbye for Michelle Bachmann. We'll announce today that she was done with congress. The Minnesota Foster mom slash tax lawyer slash Tea Party idol is leaving the house at the end of her term next year. So unless she runs for president again probably know more why guide magazine covers anger conservative fans and a lot less fodder for left leaning comedians who love the way. She turns rates would no longer have slavery that's a good thing. And just weeks after the marathon bombing in Boston eighteen year old Sydney -- Rallied out of her hospital bed just in time for the Lowell high school senior prom. The mother. Lost both legs in the -- said her girl deserves to have a little fun and her classmates agreed naming -- This year's promptly. Thank you really like -- I wouldn't admit they have beaten back by now. -- --

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{"id":19285096,"title":"Feed Frenzy: BASE-Jumping Off Everest, Michele Bachmann Quits","duration":"1:47","description":"\"Nightline\" offers a wrap of the hottest stories trending today.","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-base-jumping-off-everest-michele-bachmann-19285096","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}