Feed Frenzy: Why Is 'Diana' Getting So Much Buzz?

A movie trailer about an upcoming Princess Diana film is taking the Internet by storm.
2:11 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Why Is 'Diana' Getting So Much Buzz?
And finally tonight the controversial decision that may have saved a little girl's life a bicycle takes flights and two actors. Take the kind of roles -- -- drown them and jeers and they're not careful there are three of today's stickiest stories. And they're all on tonight's edition of -- frenzy. -- any American ever hear is your child needs an organ transplants especially if that child is young. Because only patients over twelve -- to join the most urgent donor list. When the parents of ten year old -- murder and learn their little girl needed -- lung transplant. Survivor cystic fibrosis. They didn't give up. They went to federal court convinced judge suspend the rules which -- Network to make an exception and I. Little Sarah. Got her new loans. Even before George Jackson dropped Ellroy off at school. We have been waiting for are flying cars but while waiting three Czech companies creating the flying bicycle. Now -- go. Carrying a dummy -- 209 pound prototype successfully took off. Inside a product exhibition hall today it is powered by electricity but the inventors say they have to come up with more powerful batteries before a real live -- Could take to disguise but. -- in order convince you probably still be proud to know the 500 years after sketching this. We might finally be on the brink of personal flights. And fans of Princess Diana are getting chills from plus his new trailer of the day without a word of dialogue. Throws out Naomi Watts has been transformed into the late beloved royal for the forthcoming film Diana. To be released later this year. And as for American royalty here's a first look of Rob -- That's president John F. Kennedy from the set of National Geographic channel's killing Kennedy and even though the 49 year old actor is older than the man his play. It looks like he make -- department had a had a few wrinkles -- that perfect race.

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{"id":19388287,"title":"Feed Frenzy: Why Is 'Diana' Getting So Much Buzz?","duration":"2:11","description":"A movie trailer about an upcoming Princess Diana film is taking the Internet by storm.","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-diana-buzz-19388287","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}