Feed Frenzy: Jail Time for High School Sex?

Cheerleader, 18, is accused of violating Florida law for having sex with a younger teammate.
3:00 | 08/16/13

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Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Jail Time for High School Sex?
A plea offer for a young woman accused of sex with a classmate. And a paparazzi who gets stunning scoop. It's tonight's -- friends. In the open. When it comes to coming out there's no time like the president it -- that's how WW -- superstar Darren young fell -- got. -- at LAX airport yesterday at TMZ sports photographer. -- in his thoughts on gay athletes and got a surprising response do you think that like a -- -- Could be that successful within the WW and zoo and perhaps -- get me you know. -- -- -- -- Johnson here -- And I'm happy. Young is now the first openly gay wrestler ever at WW Lee -- the scoop to come from an ambush interview with the airport. Age of consent. -- the romance of Romeo and Juliet as one of the most famous in the world many forget that Shakespeare's Joliet was just thirteen years old. So in this country in our time. Romeo. Could have been prosecuted for statutory rape. Today one of those cases as hundreds of thousands of petitioners. Up in arms Caitlin hunt is accused of a relationship of the age of eighteen with her fourteen year old basketball teammate now hunt faces the possibility of prison time. Her family says this is all about the fact that they were both young women. The situation of two teenagers who happen to be at the same effect involved in -- relationship. If this case involved the planet or we don't believe -- -- media attention to this case. Maybe -- on the media attention. But what about the attention of the authorities would they have charged period one of them had been he took to -- year old -- -- -- funerals. -- from and prosecute the same way. Maybe self with a plea deals here sure seem to be getting sweeter -- time. Now they're urging Caitlin to accept the deal that would place or on probation for three years and under curfew for the first year. She would also have to agree to avoid contact with her friends that's far more lenient than when she rejected in May. That would have forced -- to register as a sex offender. And remain under house arrest for two years if hunt goes to trial instead she faces up to fifteen years in prison if convicted. The statutory rape laws around the country -- a labyrinth of confusing and often conflicting minimum age requirements. And somewhat arbitrary assessments of age differentials. For example twelve states have a single age of consent -- -- below that age you can't consent to sex under any circumstances in Massachusetts that's sixteen but in New Jersey while the ages sixteen as well kids or at least thirteen can legally have sex if the other person -- fewer than four years older in Nevada the age of consent is sixteen to but sex with someone under sixteen is only criminal if the other person's at least eighteen. -- But in almost every state there's a scenario whereby too high school students -- Saxon. One ends up prosecuted and then potentially on a sex offender registry for a long time. Much of the time turned in by the parents of the younger person. What do you think putting aside sexual orientation should an eighteen year old senior be prosecuted for having sex with -- fourteen or fifteen year old freshman. Tweet us at Nightline.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Cheerleader, 18, is accused of violating Florida law for having sex with a younger teammate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19977273","title":"Feed Frenzy: Jail Time for High School Sex?","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-jail-time-high-school-sex-19977273"}