Feed Frenzy: 'Pole Dancing Super Hero'

Turns out the alleged NSA whistleblower's girlfriend keeps an active blog about her life.
3:00 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Feed Frenzy: 'Pole Dancing Super Hero'
As we all know they've been so many high profile abductions in the news recently we surprised to learn this statistic today. More than two thirds of children and teens. Managed to escape when strangers tried to abduct them. Tonight a prominent therapist has written about some simple tool that can really make a difference. Remember that heart stopping moment the seven year old girl at Wal-Mart last year screaming and -- the stranger processor and runs. And -- Philadelphia a ten year old girl in this case her two year old brother screams and pulls. Until a man and runs away doctor Rebecca Bailey says even little children can learn when something is a bright young and adults are not to be treated with respect. We have a chapter in the book called never -- your mission perished. And boy absolutely. -- kick do everything. You may remember doctor Bailey she -- the therapist who helped JC -- guard find her life again she and her sister Elizabeth of Britain the book safe kids and Smart parents about common sense things. For instance something toddler should know. Mommy and daddy's real names in case they need them some kids out in the streets seemed baffled. What's your -- Your parents now. You know -- The book says children of all ages love to play detective so for instance let your teenagers showed you the dangers of the web. And tell you when you must never get in a car with a stranger. -- 2005 ABC news hidden camera experiment showed how easily -- fall -- this is a child safety expert pretending to -- a plainclothes officer arriving on the scene. We're making arrests right in front of that -- all there come over here. Open up -- didn't regret we've witnessed in the driver's seat of all you gotta do battle insides go over real fast. Mom nearby watches in horror -- And it's hard to forget JC -- guards description of what happened to her 22 years ago. She walked toward the school bus -- -- -- -- real change. And then and then. -- -- -- is looking for directions that was 22 years ago yesterday. Doctor Bailey says for the first time kind of victory. JC for got. She had forgotten that it was twenty years ago yesterday she had forgot they had forgotten. Mom had knots -- mom it's it's it's still that pain but she's gotten. And we thank doctor -- and JC and so her mom.

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{"id":19378992,"title":"Feed Frenzy: 'Pole Dancing Super Hero'","duration":"3:00","description":"Turns out the alleged NSA whistleblower's girlfriend keeps an active blog about her life. ","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-pole-dancing-super-hero-19378992","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}