First Female Member Joins NASCAR Pit Crew

Christmas Joy Abbot discusses being in top physical shape for her new job.
3:17 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First Female Member Joins NASCAR Pit Crew
It's one of the hottest workouts in the country -- -- And this woman 31 year old Christmas joy -- it is these tapes of this fitness craze. She sold thousands of videos nice work. Has a handful of lucrative sponsorship deals and owns -- owns him. Are you reading and is worth close to a million dollars and so why is she -- It's one of the least glamorous hardest jobs in sports. Being anonymous unsung member of in the NASCAR pit -- It's the ultimate high pressure job. -- -- It's a job that until now. -- -- -- Christmas is out to change all that. Trying to break -- area and become the first woman to go over the wall in NASCAR's biggest days in the Sprint Cup Series. The job that requires strength athleticism. And a global. Well second. National -- you have a during and NASCAR stock. Even an extra second could mean losing the race. And it's time. When you felt like you belong here. The very beginning anything he -- at 7 AM. I'm right now. For habit the journey to pit road ironically -- after Christmas opened up her own cross fit -- in North Carolina. The heart of racing country. That's when NASCAR came home. It took her to a place no woman had ever. Michael Waltrip a -- for over thirty years and -- team owner designing design business. First female ever to have a full time deal to work on a NASCAR team but she'd get -- deal because she -- Or was this won't trips way to create bugs there are people who criticize it as flat out publicity stunt what do you say that. We do get a lot of publicity -- that's good but that's part of again as part of it but this is not -- publicity. Commitment. -- part of his team. So I think what you want that stand back and watch because she seems to have. What it takes to to be able to get there. And Christmas doesn't shy away from publicity. As in this recent shoot for -- magazine you pose nude in. -- magazine but have heels on an -- What role does your sexuality. -- I love my body for what it can do for me in my performance. It is kind of like a little bit of a powerhouse body. And -- probably -- see me when I'm eighty Iran and around -- a little teeny bikini at the beads. The pace is grueling. As I found out when she let me try line area. Paula like gosh this is heavy. -- and might try you don't even want to know. For Nightline I'm Hannah Storm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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{"id":19633527,"title":"First Female Member Joins NASCAR Pit Crew","duration":"3:17","description":"Christmas Joy Abbot discusses being in top physical shape for her new job.","url":"/Nightline/video/female-member-joins-nascar-pit-crew-19633527","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}