Female Orgasm: All in Women's Heads?

Researchers suggest that the brain is the secret to female sexual satisfaction.
6:03 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Female Orgasm: All in Women's Heads?
One of mother nature's most enduring puzzles female sexuality. It's been more than a decade since Viagra became the go to cure for male sexual dysfunction and yet we're still no -- near a female equivalent. But now a team of scientists has an intriguing hypothesis just ladies. When it comes to achieving climax. We may have been fixating on the wrong body part. -- You'll never believe with these women are doing. It's the subject of documentaries. And scientific studies -- -- nervous feeling a little nervous. -- cameras. On the performance in question requires -- simple to -- -- to orgasm. Inside -- less than romantic MRI machine. So you ready Kate. -- coma -- and his team of researchers here at Rutgers University gates says that -- Are monitoring every di tale of her climax of the tools of the blue -- All in the name of neuroscience. Orgasm is a one of the most. All encompassing. Phenomena in the brain. Today the great debate centers on whether female sexual dysfunction is a physical medical condition or problem not a Malloy lanes but in the head. This is the organism by investigating the brain's reaction -- helping these scientists unlock the elusive secrets of the woman's pleasure peak. But she's also trying to help level the sexual playing field. Talk to your doctor. -- -- America's most prescribed ED treatments right when Viagra became a blockbuster drug in the nineties as many as thirty million men were suddenly diagnosed with erect tile dysfunction. Given prescriptions and insurance coverage for the little blue field or one of the slew of others Zia yeah. It's -- five billion dollar business. Meanwhile when it came to women. Well remember when Harry met Sally. -- Go ahead and guess what almost 25 years later half of us women say we still -- it. And the reason may be this as many as 75%. Of us don't have an orgasm during intercourse. Kate's book dirty minds explore -- notion that the problem so far is that were attacking the wrong part of a woman's body. -- for women the brain is our most powerful sex organ. This is a brain and this is a brain having an orgasm. Eighty different regions of the brain and reached -- maximum -- Yep they basically the whole -- Look closely at beautiful agony dot com can you tell if this is pleasure or pain. The only other event that affects your brain as intensely as orgasm is an epileptic seizure. -- -- human beings award for appropriation of the race functions in that way I mean if sexual activity has the pleasurable. Not too long ago Kate was happily married with a superb sex life. Then she gave birth to her son I think it's pretty common -- have a child -- and he goes away. -- smokers she says her libido crumbled and so did her marriage. As a newly single mom she set off to find how love and lust -- -- the brain. When you -- your brain. All of 11 until light and look like Christmas tree that everything was glowing and honestly I was astounded and -- are -- to find answers for -- lacking sexual desire especially the roughly ten to 15% of women who seemingly can't have an orgasm and all. -- -- -- We're -- the blockage occurs in those people. When women take drugs like Viagra -- blood circulating battered down there. But it doesn't work to produce orgasms the -- was an order to develop the drug. They had to have the disorder eighteen of the nineteen doctors who came up with the disorder. Female sexual dysfunction had ties to 22 a cup -- -- documentary orgasm ink. Follows the pharmaceutical industry's quest for the holy Grail FDA approval to treat female sexual dysfunction. They -- clinical trials with creams gels even nose sprays at the time one widely quoted in wildly overstated survey suggested that 43% of women aged 1859. Had some kind of sexual dysfunction. Which meant a lack of desire and pleasure or painful intercourse. Sexual dissatisfaction is not a disease what was the motivation be for making women feel like they have a disease or disorder when it comes to their sex -- It was saying the Wall Street. There's a huge market here if we can come up with a female Viagra truck. After all that they're still only one FDA approved device which involves a small vacuum like contraption. I can always -- Every time you have sex she's exaggerating. -- most experts don't think there will ever be a pill for women which doesn't mean there's no -- I really the answer may just be in trying something new -- -- and being able to communicate its. And you know may be getting a little that outside your comfort town. But it's something of a catch 22 for married ladies studies have shown that having a new lover improves your sexual arousal. Erotic imagery is shown to work too but if you're not comfortable with the politics of -- there are other scientifically proven ways to spice things. By -- for instance also tend to help a lot of -- being more experimental -- sex date. You know. I ended up and we live in a country where various stations attacked I can't say orgasm on the air we live in a society where we're still debating whether -- -- their should be birth control are allowed we live in a country where people are really upsets to about sex and also very. Hung up about it so I think we need to get health care act our sexual happiness it seems depends on. What are happen -- Didn't say it didn't say it -- that means --

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{"id":15958741,"title":"Female Orgasm: All in Women's Heads?","duration":"6:03","description":"Researchers suggest that the brain is the secret to female sexual satisfaction.","url":"/Nightline/video/female-orgasm-womens-heads-15958741","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}