Flight Attendant Rant on Crashing, 9/11

A disturbing intercom rant terrified 100 passengers on a plane.
7:50 | 03/10/12

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Transcript for Flight Attendant Rant on Crashing, 9/11
They are there are for your safety we're reminded before every take off the courtesy and beverage are -- -- -- nice bonus. But it is because most flight attendants are so predictably professional but today's episode in Dallas was so startling. It began when a member of the American Airlines cabin crew got on the intercom mention her -- recent bankruptcy filing. And then went on a rant so terrifying some passengers felt the need to get physical here's ABC's Pierre Thomas. This blood curdling scream of what's here at the hell out of passengers and made to children aboard American Airlines flight. 2332. Crop. Our flight attendant I'm like -- angry at god and that. It was just after 8 AM this morning and the plane was making its way toward the runway at the Dallas airport bound for Chicago. Then the bizarre day began a flight attendant was on the -- into -- standing right in front of the cockpit door ranting and raving. She had said. -- number one in charge us. Coming up 23 years being there certainly not bankruptcy but it really got everything the tenure when she said there's -- and we have to go back to the -- And she said. I'm not responsible for this plane crashing and that's when everybody started freaking out. You know multiple bullet -- each other. -- understand was going on this. Stating over and over on the PA. Mindful of 9/11 passengers decided to take matters into their own -- it's all caught on tape. She was put -- pretty good fight that it was a -- activities for the that's when the screaming started. It is just screaming just what -- experience. -- is that it's very sad. That's when it broke my people currently one. Finally she got 911 on the -- and an instant I am on the plane in the nineteenth. I ran up to the front of the plane. To -- -- LeClair was one of the passengers who raced into action. There were two gentlemen are -- here. One holding each arm. And I just try to Palmer -- treatment for bipolar. Which begins speaking about the events of 9/11 very strong in a manic state. Journalist pup and she was huge trying to get away she was. Almost successful I told her to go back -- were trading at -- what was the first that you learn about being a flight attendant. And she said something that will remain what that all -- -- -- remain -- The -- said the attendant made one more chilling statement before the police arrived. And put -- in handcuffs. And toward the end of this whole struggle. She did say I'm going to kill them. The struggle continued as police tried to take her way for psychiatric evaluation. And then you see this whole crowd of people started and that's it -- -- in the -- When it was over passengers were relieved and many were thankful that the incident did not happen in flight had -- -- -- it would have been a whole different. Especially given access and freedom for militants have to move about the plane you. Absolutely want to identify any event on the ground and deal with that as opposed to having to deal with that subsequently happening here. When you're thousands feet in the -- it literally is a pressurized cabin. The irony of it all is that in many cases the flight attendants. While the first line of defense. Today is really an unfortunate event because it really. Flight attendants -- first responders and that was. Opposite case today that there were others that had to respond to this flight attendant who is obviously in need to help. Tonight no charges have been filed. So far police see this as a case of a troubled woman more so than the -- American Airlines emphasized that travelers were never in danger. That the passengers -- delayed. Did eventually make it to Chicago. Albeit a bit shake. I won't ever get that out of her screening my head. We're Nightline and Pierre Thomas in Washington.

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{"id":15891811,"title":"Flight Attendant Rant on Crashing, 9/11","duration":"7:50","description":"A disturbing intercom rant terrified 100 passengers on a plane.","url":"/Nightline/video/flight-attendant-rant-crashing-911-15891811","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}