Flying Man Knows No Bounds

Dean Potter free climbs, walks high lines and BASE jumps for thrills.
4:22 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Flying Man Knows No Bounds
Well these folks are not like the rest of us those extreme view who -- death by climbing without ropes or full time without planes. They've treated us what their exploits but they do seem a little crazy sometimes. Well the -- you're about to meet says he doesn't have a death wish just an overwhelming. Desire to experience life. Without a -- here's. ABC's -- conference. -- potter says the east and -- He's the only way he knows how to live. In looking at these pictures potter more than a thousand feet up Yosemite -- -- can't be ten. -- -- vertical slab of granite with no ropes or safety equipment of any kind he must -- very alive. Eagles' record for so called three lines some of the world's tallest mountains. And he also holds records for this slack line basically walking a tight and mountains without protection. Oh and then there's this -- jumping. -- potter is one of the world's top wing -- fliers and holds the record for the longest flight in a suit that essentially mimics flying squirrel. So when we caught up with potter and his faithful companion -- on home -- Yosemite National Park. We -- more than a little surprised when he said this. And in. Some way you know I wonder if it's healthy what I do like your obsess. On this thing that might kill you. There's only one way to get to know this incredibly intense 39 year old and earned his trust. You have to climb. Even with a -- it was -- scary and being forced to support all my -- at times I just two toes wedged into the crack of a mountain. Painful. Life. I was the hardest to keep it going. After eventually reaching a -- another surprising answer from a man who insists he's no thrill seeker. Everything you do every day is terrifying the average person. What is terrifying to you. -- -- normal stuff. It's harder for me on -- -- Struggle with everyday stuff like balancing -- -- burden paying my taxes on time. -- says he's an -- Strange as it sounds coming from a guy with nonexistent safety gear he says he's incredibly cautious often turning back on clients -- jumps. Rather than pushing the -- Do you think about. You think about your mortality I'm forced to think about. My mortality. I don't want -- -- time an old old man. I absolutely don't want to -- following I am very afraid of that. But somehow I have even had -- draw. Within me to. He's going towards my few years. His climbing partner and friend -- -- -- says there's not another athlete on the planet who can climb. Flying. And balance like dean and yet he doesn't boast about India it. -- is looking for the experience he's looking for a barrier than you can push himself beyond. -- I don't think he's looking to prove himself in -- self I think he's looking to introduce himself to himself. Flying is his newest obsession a pursuit that involves a climb to Begin into her shift at the end. Dean is now working to become the forced to land without a parachute. Just by slowing himself down this season. He is a man addicted to a -- only find when he puts everything on the line. When your lights on the line your whole being. -- all of its energy into surviving what it takes to survive this focus. -- And it's hard for me do -- until I got my feet way above the ground in. Had to focus to survive. Facing death he says is the only way he knows how to live. I'm Neal Karlinsky for Nightline on el capitan in Yosemite National Park. Amazing the men who can fly will air this Sunday on the National Geographic channel.

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{"id":15561018,"title":"Flying Man Knows No Bounds","duration":"4:22","description":"Dean Potter free climbs, walks high lines and BASE jumps for thrills.","url":"/Nightline/video/flying-man-bounds-15561018","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}