Fourth Place Olympic Medals for Almost-Winners

British man creates and sends pewter medals to athletes who just missed the podium.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Transcript for Fourth Place Olympic Medals for Almost-Winners
You know -- ever hear about the gold silver and bronze medalist but with all the agony -- heartbreak of coming in fourth. Should be some kind of consolation prize. Here's our special Olympic correspondent ESPN's Julie founding. Just competing in the Olympics is a victory right. So why is it that -- medal winners get all the glory. The only. Silver even come -- But finished fourth and you get massing. No delaying Dave Mitchell is out to change that. In recognition of -- fourth place in the big games 2000 and -- from his tiny bookstore outside of London Davis reading up on Olympic history when he got to thinking why stop -- parents. But -- -- stopping at three is nowadays too soon to they -- Davis -- going down to his local trophy shop in forking over his own money to may mailed these fourth place medals. How many of these have you sent Kathleen you're. We've sent about a dozen. Now before you write up Dave is completely -- consider events it was pleasant and tell nineteen mil for eight years after the return of the modern Olympic Games. That this third place winners were given a medal. Before that it was only first and second. But why stop there by today's standards if your -- plays -- sport they get a medal for just showing up. Sports psychologist Michael Gervais thinks -- gone too far. Until -- shouldn't be a four foot of -- Gold silver bronze we've got it wrapped up we know with the three best in the world are. -- knows because he's counseled some of the best in the world. For beach volleyball gold medalist Kerri Walsh and misty may trainer to gold medal swimmer Rebecca Sony. We're not doing with boss who we're playing. In in a make believe world. Gervais says the competitive spirit is so intense among olympians. That many have said coming in third is actually easier to accept -- finishing second. I won a silver and I still have quote -- about it. I sometimes think death. Maybe even beyond what many -- I was so close like huts that I was there. And that's painful they Gervais says it's a -- that's good for us. Big pushes us humans to try harder than ten time Olympic medalist Gary Hall junior agrees. We learn more from our failures than we do our victories. And even those who live yet to bring home a -- are against giving out more I hated it I got four -- -- got a medal I think it was a pity -- What is made out of it should be -- -- pizza but David -- isn't giving up he says he's willing to stand alone until there's one. -- -- -- If you imagine the podium don't -- Brown's future. Then the bronze medalists -- -- -- right now someone to sort of moment that -- -- a fairly recommended -- -- In London I'm Julie --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"British man creates and sends pewter medals to athletes who just missed the podium.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"16954192","title":"Fourth Place Olympic Medals for Almost-Winners","url":"/Nightline/video/fourth-place-olympic-medals-winners-16954192"}