Foxconn Employees on Factory Work

Amid reports of unfair labor practices, Apple workers give their take.
5:22 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Foxconn Employees on Factory Work
Given the grim headlines about Foxconn in recent years you might wonder why anyone would ever want to work there but as our exclusive look reveals. China has very different values when it comes to gain full employment. Monday morning at the Foxconn recruiting soon. And over 3000 people have been lined up since the wee hours -- desperate to work for Apple's biggest supplier why do you. Want to work here did I think we'll. I heard the work is hard here says this eighteen year old but I -- get some experience. I ask another -- -- about the notorious suicides at Foxconn does that worry it's. I don't think it has very much to do the company. She says. They wait in a patient masks hoping to land starting salary of the -- dollars 78 an -- Unless they work 47 overtime hours a month the Chinese Government and consider them too poor to withdraw any taxes. But to this crowd. And desire trumps discipline. Okay. And ignoring police -- rush the gates eager to -- a national ID card across an electronic reader. Those who hear the satisfying. Those -- bogus -- are silently turned away. The demand for iphones and other electronics is so high Foxconn will hire 80% of these people today. Good news to those who travel all night -- -- and -- ready to move in -- After three days of training what Foxconn calls team building. The new hires will be sitting on a production. So this is -- and many of them will pay 1750. A month the move into a dorm like this with seven strangers. To get a sense of how this compares to their homes. We traveled to a village outside the industrial town of Chengdu. Hope. For a single family my living room like this that's your beat. It's -- they have heard of Foxconn. I'd never seen an iPad. Sort of -- they make it bottled up -- -- -- and since the young people left to work in the factories. They say everything is better. With the Sunnis and be better you have more or better clothes you ignore reduce that sentence. Meanwhile back in the apple lines in Shenzhen the fair labor association audit continues -- -- -- -- really puts him. Apple pay 250000. Dollars to join this group. And apple is paying for this making critics worry about a conflict of interest. But already volunteered in the FLA insists when they published this report. Any whitewash will be obvious. What are you looking forward behavior. -- -- physical characteristics -- Definitely one of venues -- workers make when they look happy and you know we we coming we -- Outside is -- obviously an object of curiosity. I don't want to know can expect -- and they do have gone -- going to facilitate quick people want to look out. And they really really intimidating. I've felt since apple encouraged us to approach anyone on their lines we did what goes through your mind when you do the same thing. We met people on and off the factory complex. Did you move -- here for this job Gordon on and off the record you can -- And it became quickly obviously strange American with a camera crew only get so much candor. So there was one thing you could change about your job here what would -- But plenty of people like saying who -- I had no problem telling me that the dorms are too crowded. And the trees blocked the sunshine and the food prices are too high. We heard the kind of complaints -- here at any factor or college campus and even the wages have doubled since a suicide nets went up. Most everyone complain about low pay. But in China other -- complaining there's very little they can do about. Right now American style unions don't exist here but Lewis who admits in the next few years they could take -- And that would be major news because 150. Non apple Foxconn workers had demands in January. They went up to a factory roof. And threatened to jump. What happened. -- I think first -- -- It's not because of pain it's hot I'll be. He goes he's impulsive. I'm very happy that you know everything was -- -- The sobering data collected -- yes the exceptional confident. If this apple came to instead. Feel for the goodness of our hearts because we're doing so well. We want to pay everyone who touches and ipads. Still being. Before their employees. Tonight and also -- and good for China. Thank you for covering the class because we'll have more stable -- -- would not -- -- for. You know how companies because they will get paid a lot more than anyone else.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Amid reports of unfair labor practices, Apple workers give their take.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15763403","title":"Foxconn Employees on Factory Work","url":"/Nightline/video/foxconn-employees-factory-work-15763403"}