'Freaks and Creeps' of the Animal Kingdom

Nat Geo's show pays homage to some of the world's ugliest animals that need love, too.
3:00 | 10/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Freaks and Creeps' of the Animal Kingdom
Jaguars get sports cars named after him panda is get top billing in environmental fund -- -- -- the critters. -- end up as the butt of the joke in the chain email but ABC's back -- that -- woman who believes that even the holiest animals need love too. They -- the mythical creatures lurking in the -- of the Amazon. Brazil's fabled pink river dolphins up to ten feet long one. Powerful. And let's face it seriously. -- just look at that hunched back that option -- -- sprouting whiskers. Plastic surgery. But as you colleges -- -- reminds us beauty. In the eye of the beholder. Technical on me and he like it. Who seized a host of Nat -- wild creeks and creeks and homage to the animal kingdom unsightly outcasts. Those that hit every branch falling -- the jungles ugly tree. For her all of -- Q. And cute. Is -- and then going -- into campaign so ugly ugly animals need to. His lines. And she preferred the Havoc -- -- -- double. -- -- armor plated tangling Lucy says while they may not be pretty to look at these odd -- need love too. She's tired of all the money in researching conservation efforts going to -- charismatic species. And know what to equally endangered species. Like say the preposterous monkeys of Borneo with their massive floppy noses and that Donald Trump here. She's -- this one really likes it sometimes party now I'm just that -- And music all right isn't done sheets. And obsessed with animal sex on one hunt for can only be described as the world's we -- is penis. Could all be careful what you ask -- as far as she's concerned. There's no such thing as EMI heard the dolphins are very promiscuous. Opens up -- -- you get them. Bumping each other bullet holes. On that note and leave the water and headed to the jungle is the surprise of my new from the got a little gift for you here -- -- you like he's. -- yeah yeah yeah the cause it all and you'll be -- to move the our new friend is a great -- its -- who moves so slowly there's an entire ecosystem growing -- -- are. His eyes on him that's wonderful. Community anything this as Christians. They actually have sex real quick I've seen -- -- a bunch of Atlanta for certain thing she's even learn to mimic the meeting call. Gripping -- He's seemed intent on. -- As -- new friend who is away at the speed of -- about a foot a minute. She reminds is that just because an animal is odd doesn't mean it's not important niches like an agenda. He don't know which. It will not make the whole thing collapsed and it's not necessary to keep looking at the top needs. Present the whole system I'm Matt -- for Nightline in the Amazon Brazil's. Preaching creeps airs next Wednesday October 17 on -- -- while.

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{"id":17469537,"title":"'Freaks and Creeps' of the Animal Kingdom","duration":"3:00","description":"Nat Geo's show pays homage to some of the world's ugliest animals that need love, too.","url":"/Nightline/video/freaks-creeps-animal-kingdom-17469537","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}