Seriously Funny: Marc Maron

He?s a wildly successful comic who interviews comedy greats in his garage for his "WTF" podcast.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seriously Funny: Marc Maron
When it seems like a comedian is really Baring his soul on stage odds are it's still -- calculated part of the act but there is one place the funniest people on the planet. Go to really open up. The garage but mark Merritt a veteran standup whose own act has been -- -- But his ability to get in the heads of Chris rock and Robin Williams and Louie CK with hilarious and poignant results ABC's David Wright pays a visit in tonight's seriously funny. -- Really it's a program whose name you can't even say over the radio it's time for WT yeah. And maybe that's the point OK let's do this what the -- what the buddies what the and here's what the and -- are Larry and doesn't need the public airwaves to do his show he does WTF out of a homemade studio in his garage -- McBride is in my garage -- it's even more magical and -- imagine. -- podcast is regularly one of the top ten downloads on iTunes. You know we're doing about 700000 pounds a week -- -- have been -- -- which is -- So successful the Independent Film Channel just commissioned -- TV show are you surprised by the success he had absolutely. I had no expectation I just knew that I was pretty good on the radio -- -- that. I can really be who I am. He's kind of that Charlie Rose or better still that James Lipton of -- you know that guy from inside the actor's studio what you write in -- notebook. Okay Americans not an act door like America when he sits down some of the biggest names in comedy yet I only watch on don't see in movies I've decided -- the war they speak the same language. Is going to be -- his -- -- I did drama and high school going to. You're not -- man I was not -- like a junior version of Kenny powers and I was a kid. -- -- -- -- See at school. Not just Danny McBride of eastbound and down. All the big name Judd Apatow Steven Wright Robin Williams he's a very sweet man you very giving guy and he's actually. -- In a way he Robin Williams's show I think -- the comedy over compensates. Doesn't it for everybody. I've been doing standup comedy for more than. I probably. Is that possible. Yes I did my graduate work in you know chopping line to cocaine percent Afghanistan. And then I was spit out by Los Angeles highs and lows he brings to his interviews it seems like -- your part therapist part journalists. Part kindred spear. Yes I don't I don't call myself a therapist certainly and I don't comments -- journalist but I I've had to do that. In one episode he confronts Carlos -- see about allegations of jokes stealing. Is your chance you don't know that your your doing people's -- is your chance he would -- know with headliners possibly. And then that set a precedent like you'll be likely -- kind of what -- young Ben Stiller and what I'm not. I'm interviewing more criminals and other times -- more of a father can faster Norm MacDonald told him about his struggles with gambling addiction. Rainn Wilson talked all about his belief in the Baha'i faith cut glass came out on my show. And that had it was. Phenomenal in 1995. -- shared a magazine spread with Louie CK David -- and Sarah -- up and comers all. Today went on to big things Marion didn't. -- -- And that led to a long standing feud between -- and comedian Louis CK. I've -- -- mark for teen years. Just this week on the FX show -- what's -- man comic closure hate listen thank you -- in I have there was a history there and whether I was jealous or not. If -- know -- it's capable of an act of real genius it's going to be him Marion never got the Sitka where the movie deal. -- -- -- -- But now that. Podcast has reinvigorated his standup career I don't apologize for judging I -- -- -- I hate when people say you know judge is I think. You don't take away my hobbies. -- do you feel like you've beaten the system. No. I'd like to be in -- movie but like a more I think a more well known now for what I'm doing my garage which is. Which -- -- it took him 25 years but now on his own terms mark Marion is an overnight success. I'm David Wright for Nightline in Los.

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{"id":17007422,"title":"Seriously Funny: Marc Maron","duration":"3:00","description":"He?s a wildly successful comic who interviews comedy greats in his garage for his \"WTF\" podcast. ","url":"/Nightline/video/funny-marc-maron-17007422","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}