Gary Giordano: What He Says He Didn't Do

Suspect in Robyn Gardner's disappearance tells his side of the story.
3:00 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Gary Giordano: What He Says He Didn't Do
And ABC news exclusive as the first interview with an American businessman immediately after his release from four months in jail. And the Caribbean island of Aruba where he was suspected of although never charged with. The murder of his traveling companion she was Robyn Gardner a 35 year old Maryland woman now presumed dead he is Gary Giordano. Answering some questions and raising others ABC's Matt Gutman has been covering the story from the start. And here -- is now. After a 116. Days in -- faded -- prison. Gary Giordano arrested for the suspected murder of Robyn Gardner. Back on US soil. Everything -- for some of those nights in prison. -- -- citizens we're gonna. -- -- -- New York in onslaught of reporters. And soon its emotional reunion with his three teenage -- And this is an opportunity just to took to ask you some questions -- who flanked him along with his attorney Jose -- In his first interview something good morning America's Robin Roberts. But right from the start in one happened August 2 that day -- Robyn Gardner. He seemed to raises many questions as he answers. I've answered that question. 5060 times. I'm not prepared to at this point go from the moment of that day today and today that. Date August 2 that you're Donna says he went snorkeling with his travel companion and -- Robyn Gardner. At this idyllic beach we were hundred yards from a scuba diving -- not a remote location okay. We were in view of other people -- beach earlier they were seen at this restaurant where a waitress told ABC news -- seemed woozy Giordano she said. Was acting strangely. They strolled to the beach historically says the next -- of -- this surveillance video he sloping through the restaurant searching for help. Investigators told ABC news he showed a marked lack of urgency for men who just lost his -- All along he's claimed a storm kicked out that he had to swim for his life when he looked back for -- she was gone. So when I came out of the water I was sick I was exhausted I had -- tennis shoes on. When we went in the water and when it came back I was swimming back. It was -- and I got back to to shore and then I had a run all the -- around here was the thing. It's like running a marathon and come around the last corner and you're expecting a whole crew people yelling for you -- -- nobody there you're not gonna go -- by the -- Police found so much of his behavior suspicious without a body or in -- weapons. No hard -- But they believe they -- have. Possible mode of particular interest one point five million dollar travel insurance policy you're -- purchased -- Gardner. Naming himself the beneficiary. Just the its cancellation insurance -- travel insurance just two days after she disappeared he called four times. One American Express agent became so alarmed he called the police and the FBI saying quote Giordano seemed excite. Like he was -- -- to win something. The day after he made those calls police -- game. So -- running into him and -- airport. Go through customs full blown check in my back and two. The gate is -- and then. The head of detectives walks up to me and says were Russian -- for the murderer Robert -- Still what are his reasons for taking out that one point five million dollar travel insurance policy I have -- house -- large house and in a lot of payment and amplify. If by -- -- and I disappear I want them to be covered. OK so I maxed out on everything medical I think with a 150000. Or whatever and but that's automatic I can't fund -- Robin. Thankfully came down to that they actually insurance you can't fund selector. -- -- so when I selected -- I was looking for me then that she got the same thing. So she's missing and two days later you were inquiring about. You're not trying to put what are such immature inquiring as I would if you got -- she still -- it's exactly right to consume them that's wonderful question I understand that might -- At the time. That doesn't end here Michael Lopez -- she had he told me -- you need to call insurance immediately because. These -- helicopters and scuba divers that we're gonna going to -- which they didn't go away and two days later. He said they might send -- -- But a four month long investigation by -- -- police which cost the tiny island -- in the entire budget -- justice ministry. Found not a shred of evidence. No bodies no murder weapon and no convincing motive. What mr. Giordano has told us in the investigation. Is not true his description of situation. It's not in accordance with reality we know that that -- what's virtually no wind there were no waves and the current course practically nil. You're gonna wouldn't talk about the weather or anything else that evening. He would also only mentioned Robyn -- by name a few time it's the question on everyone's mind they want to know. If you had anything to do absolutely not absolutely not in my mind -- cigarette smoke I -- -- -- -- -- resolution that I cared about -- pay a companion if you're telling him you were you. That they you know had to has disappeared on my watch that that it will weigh heavily on me for a very long time. -- -- -- today had no comment but in a statement earlier this week said. Our family's very disappointed that even after all this time we're no closer to finding out what happened to -- rob. We may never know what happened to Robyn Gardner that -- would Gary Giordano no support if he had anything to do with it. And -- Donald back home with his sons. Pollard says he wishes they never asked Georgia have done anything differently. Absolutely. That's a silly question I mean that's -- it of course there's a missing person what I do something different wouldn't it got when it -- Now that -- -- has finally left to move up it is unlikely he will ever go back. Unless investigators somehow find that piece of hard evidence that has eluded them all these months enough evidence to charge him. With the murder of Robyn Gardner. For Nightline I'm Matt -- in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Suspect in Robyn Gardner's disappearance tells his side of the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15070059","title":"Gary Giordano: What He Says He Didn't Do","url":"/Nightline/video/gary-giordano-15070059"}