Gastric Bypass Hypnosis: Thinking Thin

Can you get the effects of gastric bypass by imagining you had the surgery?
5:39 | 03/24/12

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Transcript for Gastric Bypass Hypnosis: Thinking Thin
For years artists were associated more with fairgrounds and variety shows. But in recent years the trance like state has emerged as a more widely accepted form of behavioral therapy from anxiety -- smoking supporters say hypnosis can fix the body by changing the mind but what about tricking the mind. Into shrinking the body. Here's ABC's Matt -- One. And bring me closure. -- The -- along is undergoing -- radical weight loss procedure. Near where the incisions being named she's hoping to -- -- and forty pounds it's -- thinks her body that. It's had gastric bypass surgery but without ever going under the -- And you can feel that it's time to put that ban -- near valley. It's called gastric bypass -- doses causes around 12100 dollars while real Barry actually surgery. Cost of the 35000. Dollars -- -- the sensation. And months and months or three normal -- balance. Pet -- -- It was almost like -- who is in his battle with -- -- her entire life crying that buyers save favorite. -- diet she's tried worked temporarily. Tell us what you particularly like to eat cookies. I eat chocolate. Your home and I'm willing to give them -- She -- real geriatric surgery is too expensive and too drastic but now -- 340. Pounds she -- she needs to lose weight some. What was the final moment when you realize that half to lose weight. That it eventually will be a life or death. Issue. -- so many insurance companies turned down. Six -- all forcing her to pay a premium of 12100 dollars a month except one very scary tours morbid obesity. I never really considered myself and that can category. Until -- son -- and wind must've felt pretty scary at this. No I mean I know I had true. Figure out play and -- -- can be. A life and plant some wanna be around for my son. Primary and took some witnesses certify that there there's been agreed gastric bypass hypnosis program. Please weight loss results from much less than -- actually -- after surgery about 12100 dollars the her -- he. The price includes -- CD's and the -- we -- use top. A -- and I mean. Greenberg says the hypnosis works it clients like -- Russia would crave unhealthy foods or sugary snacks and similar Caruso. Will no longer have a craving for that you say that does not appetizing when that athlete possible so the old program is -- chocolate -- -- you know and is never enough. And the new program is. You know that chocolate it -- taste good but I don't care about it. Every year more than 220000. Americans. Undergo painful and expensive surgical procedures to have their stomachs removed repositioned. Constrict. The promise of surgery free inexpensive. Reprogramming. Of the mind Google tremendous appeal to the sixty plus million Americans classified as obese. The as a sign my -- -- that don't saying more. I'm waiting -- and I can -- again someday. I had the procedure done at the end -- June. And that's 76 pounds that I've lost since then it certainly seems to be working from all Everett. Who quit all sugars and starches cold Turkey. In July I was using a -- And I had a knee brace on. I ran three miles in December if you would told me in July I couldn't walk -- -- cocktails but now I can run three months. There are so many naysayers out there and state. -- -- This can't possibly work right -- I think that many of us underestimate the real power and the mind. Doctor David -- leading Orleans geriatric surgeon since he's unsure how long the power of suggestion that it -- its offers can work. And she's doing -- to lose a 150 pounds basically. Is that lines I wouldn't say that it's unwise I think it may be unrealistic the reality is is that there are no studies which demonstrate. That kind of weight loss with hypnosis along. I -- my charity. -- -- ten pounds. Aware of that skepticism. Which is a delicate she's been -- this giant progress in six weeks later dropped in for -- this. That's twenty pounds. Yet. If you keep this up six weeks twenty pounds in a year 240. Pounds. -- -- -- and now I'm. Site I can now she exercised. Over -- she says look like it's so I was probably 200 dollars Max. Why can't I get more but I get felt up fast he didn't look yes and that -- was of these sixty. I wanna be seventy. And already those family heirloom -- that just six weeks ago couldn't squeeze around those fingers. Now slip right on cell was very happy to get this one I'm just thrilled thrilled I'm Matt got -- for Nightline. An Orlando.

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{"id":15992102,"title":"Gastric Bypass Hypnosis: Thinking Thin","duration":"5:39","description":"Can you get the effects of gastric bypass by imagining you had the surgery?","url":"/Nightline/video/gastric-bypass-hypnosis-thinking-thin-15992102","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}