GI Gnome: Combat Twist on Popular Lawn Ornament

Why these ceramic men in pointy red hats make for a surprising business.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GI Gnome: Combat Twist on Popular Lawn Ornament
If it seems unlikely that -- ceramic humanoid and a pointy hat can inspire bush hatred love and even its own liberation movement -- then you don't know garden no homes. ABC's David Wright brings us a new twist on this abiding lucrative and largely inexplicable appeal of those little lost its. -- -- -- The -- of the suburban garden creatures so maligned they tend to be kidnapped on a regular basis. On YouTube a French group called the garden gnome liberation front on this -- -- -- to make this nation's. Has thoroughly documented its efforts to return garden -- to the wild and -- can be. An idea so kooky travelocity built. Campaign around it I was meant for -- on the board and got implants and captain. And she -- open and the blue popularity of these germanic garden dwarves -- also inspired a booming business Hoya. Good yourself this is garden on central it's everything central. -- horse and a US navy reservists was on his way to -- Can't stand when inspiration struck sometime around 3 o'clock in the morning stand watching the bridge where there's not an out there except from in horizon. And just started write down notes of you know different goofy concepts they can come up with using garden -- we -- -- -- truck plant Charlie. He started to think of those little green army action figures you know the ones from Toy Story -- I thought I. He's that's when he thought we combat -- levels heavily armed little bearded very much. He sold about 15100. Of them at fifty dollars a -- I did a standing rifleman hooded kneeling rifleman I -- a -- rifleman. The RPG guy I've got one it's the officer with a pistol in the sort of follow me -- he even has plans for a parachute gun dealers he'll hang from a -- little guy with his legs -- he now plans to make special forces garden -- You know hunched down like he's coming up on the beach with their -- thing and author and arming brutal MP five submachine -- Seal -- six garden know exactly he's. The only -- maker to take creative license you can also -- zombie no. For Halloween. Even zombie gnomes devouring a pink flamingo. Quirky garden sculptures are now in big demand judging from the sky mall catalog -- -- command top dollar but who buys this stuff. And to Jurassic Park. People like Don -- to Burbank California apparently. He is little backyard is crawling with meat eaters and plant eaters and do you ever get freaked out -- -- now on the -- I usually come later read a get a couple books of those figures nice is it's nice ambience nice atmosphere he also likes to invite his lady friends over to model and make -- -- like dinosaur valley girls beauties in the -- no wonder he Lexus drivers. Not too many people know what I have really their neighbors are. Unaware that they've got dressed partner that is that's true. As for -- -- it took a few years. Business to catch on but now he can't make that combat garden tools fast and after the first twenty took so long get rid of I just thought our -- stupid idea never mind. You know world doesn't need armed guard -- -- and but it turns out down after the world found out about them they do. Anyone who tries to liberate these little guys better be prepared for -- -- I'm David Wright for Nightline in Petaluma California.

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{"id":17381128,"title":"GI Gnome: Combat Twist on Popular Lawn Ornament","duration":"3:00","description":"Why these ceramic men in pointy red hats make for a surprising business.","url":"/Nightline/video/gi-gnome-combat-twist-popular-lawn-ornament-17381128","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}