Pythons Invade Florida Swamps

The Everglades are becoming overrun with snakes more than 20 feet long.
5:06 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Pythons Invade Florida Swamps
They have a python problem in the Everglades these days in fact say prestigious science journal has just put out -- New study finding that sightings of some mammal species in that area have declined by 99%. The big non native snakes are catching the blame but on the python's really responsible. For Florida's silence swamps ABC's Matt Gutman goes in the get the story. -- -- -- What do you do with the -- which had him riding shotgun -- patrol didn't get Bob likely mean too often come closer to fame. And never thought healthy. Bob is with Miami Dade fire rescue in response unit he would reach her -- in there to try to grab I'd be asking for trouble -- specialty. I -- the hearts and he keeps the invasive -- on TV and his team catch. -- -- His parents and this and more than ready capable. What very very vigorous defense -- no -- He patrols Dade County including its section of the vast Everglades -- of the world's largest wetlands. It's also the epicenter of one of the world's largest in base stations of a non native predator. Burmese python's. 200 in fifty -- -- of them. Have been estimated to work here a remarkably -- animal with. A voracious appetite this sixteen foot monster was recently caught after choking down a deer but this -- eat almost anything. This iconic shot -- -- -- pipe and it turns out they'll eat almost every day. That's where -- comes feeds both the python's nemesis and their advocates. But so you don't think he was actually -- he struck try to -- if he was so bad gauging distance he never be able to eat. And I was going to be his latest protege. He took Nightline out to his office for the day the Everglades National Park. Everything. And you know considering the nature of the everybody -- very unique ecosystem. And it's got not just -- the -- on -- and number of other pressures. So it's -- -- -- of a thousand times. But the deepest cut from these critters. Were surprised as on the ground and the tutorial -- gates. The finished that's it that's program boots now it's Mike -- Tentative at first a look at me. Exactly one amend that now flight mode where the -- is moving away from a well admit I'm a little nervous right now finally like this yes. I Muster my courage and that's -- then getting the snake back into the pillowcase not that easy willow. NN and to the big one. -- -- Eight feet long now catching them is one thing finding -- -- shows me. He's entirely different if you look at how amazing that camouflaged. So he just disappeared. He's just disappear right in front of our eyes it's really really well suited to this -- an environment where you have a range of -- -- birds mammals. So have you noticed that the decline of some of -- on here. Yeah it's it's pretty obvious that some of the animals or fewer in number than they were few years ago raccoon possum and things at least in the interior of the park. And there could be any number of reasons why that occurs in however it seems to coincide with these guys but if that's the only. Reason you know -- we don't know. In fact nobody seems to know -- -- -- are really out there there's almost no information really. -- are very little about what this population is doing. Sean -- from Nat geo wild python hunters these three musketeers of the march -- rarely find this respected gate crashing around the swamps with them. And nothing. The 150000. Was really perpetuated by politicians. Politicians got ahold of that top end of that scale. Which -- -- the biologists to who came up with that says that it's unrealistic. The -- GO trio claimed the at the station began in a home state hatchery. After 1990 two's hurricane Andrew. In 2009. A state of Florida declared open season on python's some hunters -- even permitted to shoot the snakes don't sign it we need. Teacher hunters. You don't train them to kill the animals it's all it's all humane and -- capture. -- finally my test for it and she's hissing at me -- a little bit bigger. If I follow my sensation -- and back off of it now pennants and then. Parents. Eight feet of muscle tightened around my -- -- another victory for men vs -- time except in this case -- the last laugh. Goes to the reptiles -- -- on the bathroom yet for Nightline I'm Matt Gutman in the Everglades.

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{"id":15495036,"title":"Pythons Invade Florida Swamps","duration":"5:06","description":"The Everglades are becoming overrun with snakes more than 20 feet long.","url":"/Nightline/video/giant-pythons-invade-florida-swamps-15495036","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}