Giffords: 'I Will Get Stronger'

Gabby Giffords continues rehab, but much is unknown about how the brain heals.
3:35 | 11/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giffords: 'I Will Get Stronger'
-- Yeah. Welcome back to our special edition of Nightline -- the recovery of Gabby Giffords Diane Sawyer Bob Woodruff the question is we. Have seen her come this far how far. She I mean there's always this old. Thought that the improvement all happens within the first year or two years -- absolutely wrong. It continues ago I think if you spoke to me last year you see different ways than the nine -- compared to. I -- -- say the same thing with -- -- next year for sure a huge change. Every year after that for the next twenty years -- and -- -- I went to meter two weeks before -- -- the interview when it came back from the interview. I couldn't believe the progress I am told by the therapist who works with her all the times this -- the word to me since I left -- I should only come back. And -- what we're doing now that fast how fast it's going and how demonstrable. -- the amazing thing. She can now remember the words of -- song the lyrics of the song. Where she can't remember the same words in irregular symptoms without the music -- With me it's different both sides were damaged because -- -- -- rounds have lost my ability to remember lyrics of songs but you continued to improve. Yes but my singing is still. That I would -- -- exuberant. Our own focus on the future then let's take a look at where Gabby Giffords is now. In this remarkable recovery. -- Ten months have passed since the shooting that changed everything for Gabby Giffords. She's left the hospital where she lived for five months. How do you feel. Predict. That had -- it. The rehab continues now seeing therapists a couple of hours a day. -- turn on until like. At home a new normal life in my opinion the best form of three. Video. Today -- is venturing out to restaurants even ordering in French there she is planning for the future. I think. Traveling. To. I know she will continue to get better for years to come but I also know her life will never be the same everything I do remind me. Of that horrible day when they started writing their book -- a story of courage and hope they set a goal. To have her write the final chapter and greeted allowed for the audio book -- Penn State. You have to -- hope and faith. So if you like to know what the future holds. We think it's best you hear it straight from her trying so hard. Two. I will get stronger. I will -- -- The thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well I yeah. -- All -- it'd be way news.

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{"id":14953337,"title":"Giffords: 'I Will Get Stronger'","duration":"3:35","description":"Gabby Giffords continues rehab, but much is unknown about how the brain heals.","url":"/Nightline/video/giffords-stronger-14953337","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}