Girl, 11, Allowed to Play Football, Archbishop Rules

A look at Caroline Pla's fight for justice after being kicked off a Catholic youth football team.
3:00 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Girl, 11, Allowed to Play Football, Archbishop Rules
Some nine year old girls want -- dress up and saying others -- -- -- and kittens but Caroline claw wanted to put on a helmet and pads and hit somebody. Those stories of girls going up from football team nothing new but it's harder remember another struggle for gridiron equality. -- start a player this young and passionate and successful. And as always the plot thickens. When the grownups get involved here's ABC's John Donvan. The Romans a team of sixth graders who didn't get into football to stir up a controversy. They were just playing to win and lots of times they do Jake and -- -- drew and Brian and Caroline. The team's only girl Caroline -- Here he is scoring a touchdown was about the game that you saw I was miracle -- -- -- to god and. If your friends and just -- each other. And then they kicked her off the team for being a girl. When she signed up in 2011. The president that's the message on the machine and he just said I just want you to know that you signed -- to order opt for different. -- -- and after a few tears of the plant in winning or somebody finally. Thought and battles when the -- hundreds. So you -- you out. They won't tell us that but they did say someone called the Catholic youth organizations said they would make an exception to let Caroline finished that season. But after that. She was off the team both surprised will disappoint a proponent mostly surprise and -- I was always taught that what -- the -- again I -- -- -- didn't -- Caroline the bad news right away I found -- at the end of the season before our last game my mom told me and I was really mad because. I just really wanted to play in Arlington they have other girls -- -- -- different explanations began to be offered for the no girls rule one is that it wasn't safe for girls to play but. -- Caroline's side is she's right now is big is most of the boys. And given her skills but wish she demonstrated the -- Yeah him that -- event didn't seem to make much sense. Then a reporter for Forbes heard about -- meeting the Catholic youth organization has convened to discuss the rule. And from that emerged an entirely different reason for keeping girls out of place. I spoke to. Two members on the panel and telling the panel was told to imagine -- quarterback having to -- her hands. On the back side of -- -- And how it would lead to. Inappropriate touching. And one or the other we -- girl in joining us. Well other bullies might now want to join the football team to be part of -- actions inappropriate touching the charts to command say that. Right now and murder in such a painful situation in the Catholic church and then -- -- mountain news there's parts. That's just it's another black -- so she started her own campaign to change the rule. Doing interviews usually angry because. Only my cannot be able to play other girls are going to be able to -- starting an online petition even appearing on elements. You've been playing footballs into a 5 PM. -- -- -- the little girl well he's still a little help by the way. And when that didn't work she emailed the archbishop of Philadelphia himself. My name is Caroline -- she wrote and I am eleven years -- I've been playing football for the Catholic youth program for the past two years after those seasons now what has come to the archdiocese -- attention. I cannot play simply because I am a girl. -- his reply to her seem to take exception to her media campaign. I'm perplexed that you would contact me last. After publicizing your situation in both the national and regional media that kind of approach has no affect on my decision making. CYO rules exist for good reason. -- yeah it's not the Caroline set out to change the world in most ways she's just the typical kid. And into typical things she just also wants to play football. And there is no all girls football league where she lives. But if there were would you want to play on that team can't differently so it's not about to be making trouble your whole thing is to play football. I know that there have been girls mourning the placing half a block and there are girls I wanna play in the feature -- really want -- -- -- -- class. In your gut do you think you're gonna get there will change -- I'm about to help marry -- well that hail Mary pass might have to on the tree because today word came from the archbishop the decision news. Caroline can play -- The statement goes like this. At the direction of the archbishop the archdiocese will allow for -- -- participation. In CYL football effective in the 2013. Season. Oh win a win for Carolina and -- win for her team which is glad to have her back on the squad. John Donvan ABC news and -- down Pennsylvania.

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{"id":18734658,"title":"Girl, 11, Allowed to Play Football, Archbishop Rules","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at Caroline Pla's fight for justice after being kicked off a Catholic youth football team.","url":"/Nightline/video/girl-11-allowed-play-football-archbishop-rules-18734658","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}