Glamorous Synchronized Swimmers Make Big Hollywood Splash

Aqualillies wear retro suits and matching caps, but have starred in the hit TV show, "Glee."
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for Glamorous Synchronized Swimmers Make Big Hollywood Splash
It looks more and more like London 2012 will be remembered as a breakout moment for women's sports. -- more medals are being won by females tonight man it was ladies' night of a different sort. For teen USA are soccer team avenged the World Cup loss beat Japan for another Olympic soccer -- the water polo team won their first ever gold. Against Spain basketball team the Australia on the way to the finals. And rivaling -- Douglas from breakout star Clarissa shields a seventeen year old pride of Flint, Michigan she's the first woman to ever win gold in the ring. And those women pushed USA to the top of the medal board over China both in goals and an overall medals now there's one sport. Or American ladies and -- -- catching up that is synchronized swimming America finished eleventh out of twelve teams in the duet competition didn't qualify. For the -- bucks as Cecilia Vega found out dancing under water. Still makes for pretty good living back home. The retro swimsuits. Matching caps that -- for flash these ladies looked like he swam straight out of a bygone era. But watch out Esther Williams -- -- Phillies -- synchronized swimmers for the I phone era. They are just about the hottest thing in Hollywood. Think ourselves like the new all of Hollywood -- so I think audiences want to see something that's fairly entertaining but is also classy. Their stage. -- -- of this -- is venues in Los Angeles New York Miami. Their performance since everything from this charity events film -- reality TV show to private pigs for the card -- Sheehan and Justin Timberlake. And then there was even -- appearance on that little show called -- You wouldn't -- and on the program -- could Smith is the personality behind this reinventing classic. She got the idea forty years ago at a Hollywood pool party. She took the magic those old MGM musicals and it's -- hit music hour. Skimpy swimsuits and -- -- -- of lipstick and success was born. In the water they are released and on land. By day I'm an actor as he keeps -- have only go to school alone to be here and I just graduated from law school there's also Catherine Smith. Hunter I love performing violence remains of the exercise. To watch people's reaction when -- performances. And he's -- swimming in unison isn't easy this is an Olympic sport that requires incredible streak. But here's the secrets that we did -- Steve. The whole different story underwater it's chaos and in a lot of -- just finding your bearings under water when. All these legs -- All sorts of sent it -- you. Got to experience that underwater chaos for myself did -- -- -- No a professional I am not think critics some may even -- -- on the surface underwater -- I was working either your hands are working to bring you at your feet are treading water you make it isn't so easy. Most of the ultimately have been training since -- little girl's upbringing of their synchronized swimming hero a lot of money my hero had no idea westerly and even. I've -- she my whole life and every single thing as commerce you can it's a special class ballet. Us now when they're not performing on the liberty. Studying for the -- You're teaching teachers and the best -- through three tenths mile put lipstick on -- health. Dixie ailments -- -- -- -- -- hiring another generation to channel their inner Esther Williams. And introducing many others to a magic. That was nearly lost. There's something inherently theatrical about reference saying a bygone era especially Aaron that was home loan and we're excited to -- -- -- -- -- Going back for Nightline I'm feeling of thank -- Los Angeles.

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{"id":16975049,"title":"Glamorous Synchronized Swimmers Make Big Hollywood Splash","duration":"3:00","description":"Aqualillies wear retro suits and matching caps, but have starred in the hit TV show, \"Glee.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/glamorous-synchronized-swimmers-make-big-hollywood-splash-16975049","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}