God Save the Phone Box

They're as British as fish and chips, but these big red booths are disappearing.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for God Save the Phone Box
Was another day of liquid gold as both missy Franklin and Michael Phelps won big in the pool. Again it was the last individual race. Of Phelps is storied Olympic career he has one more relay race a tomorrow -- -- -- -- into the sunset a fresh face to report an -- beyond. Fifteen year old Katie -- -- cross sixteen grueling laps of the pool. In here world record time to win gold in the 800 meter free America's women's soccer team in the -- with a win over the kiwis -- New Zealand and for the first time in the eighties teen USA is a top. The medal count board. -- about China. Now I have to admit I was so looking forward to phoning in results from one of those iconic London phone -- but as Irish capital of its reporter. Julie -- tells us. Times they are changing. Never mind the queen there isn't another British icon that could use a little help from above. The telephone Booth so convenient. So British. And so red. Seems like they're on every corner here in London. But don't be fooled their days would be numbers. We -- up an expert on the British phone booths to find out -- This is silly about it and I -- looking for picture please if this is facing his name is Richard Coleman. And he was quick to correct me on one thing. -- awful it is chaos but we -- and an open boxes. Most important question did -- -- -- this time but this one's mouth and it says so I guess one listings in London you'll say that the -- -- the and boxes -- -- anything -- calling home -- involved. -- So these iconic phone boxes -- -- why do you think this has become such an iconic image here in Britain. Well the people of my agent I know that we've grown up with these and both say is that common sites and on streets the problem with these -- -- -- boxes is they invasion. It's the best and stored in the nineteen. -- -- -- -- say that they -- quite old so would you consider. And endangering. There -- a danger to an extent. Especially in some of the more rural areas of the country thirty years ago there were more than 80000 across the United Kingdom. Now other numbers have dwindled to less than eleven -- And people -- let it shocked and surprised to see these. Might cause of a -- that was being -- Blasphemy. -- yes. So this saved their phone boxes that brits had to get creative. A few years ago the government began letting towns adopt them for one pound each. Some -- then turned into churches. Are lying prairie. -- -- -- What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen anyone use this but this phone plus four. Some people have prevented that means that showered Stevens who's to have in the house -- other business I've seen is investigate the incident I think tying. And backup we thinking. With the Olympics in Hong will begin how many people Richard do you think -- good -- underneath. I -- now -- -- in -- with my my rug -- on the way to work and I think -- republic fits in the least another five -- indignities they. But -- we'll Sachs and company so that -- the public gets. At least ten people and have. -- Yeah. You know do you want to know. -- And so we did turning London's Piccadilly search isn't too -- circuits. Another. And again. The world record we're trying to beat -- sixteen. Was sent back in 2000 sent by a group of young gymnasts and stop. Companies that. 1234567. Never mind they repeat convention inflexible or -- -- determined to cheat our Olympic dream. Rolled out as hard as we tried the most -- stuff in was eight. Far from the -- and and it could. End up. But I do feel like -- had bonded -- all of humanity's thanks to this simple British mom where you can still beat up and that's. In London I'm -- -- for Nightline.

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{"id":16926976,"title":"God Save the Phone Box","duration":"3:00","description":"They're as British as fish and chips, but these big red booths are disappearing.","url":"/Nightline/video/god-save-phone-box-16926976","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}