God and Sex: New Christian Movement?

Pro-sex pastors urge married couples in their flock to get between the sheets.
3:39 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for God and Sex: New Christian Movement?
It's Valentine's Day hope you've had a good one. We Begin tonight with a whole new look -- sex and several religious leaders who have strong opinions on the subject. These pastors say not only is sex not -- -- If you marry it's an important way to glorify god and according to them. It's all right there in the Bible here's ABC's Dan Harris for our series faith matters. Why is a -- being loaded on to the top of this church in grapevine Texas -- because the devout evangelical congregation near you. Announcing an elaborate entity. Modeled on the 11 went on in 1969 -- those counter cultural icons. John Lennon and Yoko -- them. The stars of this -- bit of redux. Pastor Ed young and his wife Lisa. God intended -- we should be bold and audacious and talking about it. The -- here for 24 hours talking about one of their favorite topics. Sex goddess -- sex sex begins and haven't. Were shouting it from the rooftop the first place that have that talk is in the home the second place. Is the church but right here. Though a few hours in native I didn't need -- put on a harness. It's part of the whole sex thing. Take a ride in a crane and it and join them not in -- but right beside it as. Thank deluge on YouTube. Our if you so you guys going to be. -- keep making it. This -- -- is designed to publicize their new book called this experiment. In which they challenge Christian married couples to have sex every day for a week do you think in the Christian world there's. -- hang up. On this. -- thereafter according to the guns for too long Christians have been an enthusiastic and -- imaginative about sex. And outcome of the missionary position pronouncement. God is pro sex -- what's the talk about it at -- far too -- the church has been. Krueger's shy. To talk about what god was -- create they say they're trying to -- claimed six from a popular culture that has perverted. And the sad thing is that our culture is doing all these keys all these words all of these pictures of what sex is and it's not working out well for -- -- What a lot of people may not know is that sex is discussed all over the Bible sex. Primarily. -- for recreation. This for pleasures for fun. Second dearly for procreation. That's of the Bible the Bible says that while the -- insist their book is about improving marriages it's not a -- how to -- See you're not saying to people here's where you can go by pink Fuzzy handcuffs. Up in Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife grace just published a book becomes pretty close to being out to -- So what -- -- just take a few of them where where do you come down on oral sex. The -- seems to speak of it on a few occasions and recognizes it as an acceptable aspect of marriage does the Bible saying -- -- No it doesn't. So where you come down. It's not a cynic might not be healthy and good as we wouldn't generally recommend -- but you can't say that it's -- -- because it's not in the Bible where does it come down on master. About the -- about it which is kind of interesting concerned assuming it's. An old issue and. But not everything is -- Goss says pastor mark. No no for an order to -- in the Bible about what's about lost. If a husband and wife have deep. Interest in each other that's a good thing. If somebody else is involved and it's -- bad -- if you are minor he should get your parents permission. Mark Driscoll was already considered one of the most controversial pastors in America. Our with a history of saying things criticized -- being chauvinist and sexes. I'd greatly desire to be led by my husband but often I feel like I am not easy to -- -- do you have any point. I've definitely been difficult to lead at times as -- But this new book is being called the most provocative sex book. Ever written by an evangelical. This critic writes this book is an astoundingly unbelievable work of disrespect for women what do you think he's basing. That. Sexist argument -- on your argument that the Bible says that the man is the leader in the household. -- I would guess so but -- it goes on the say that the man as the leader like Jesus as leader humble sacrificial patient gracious. Loving and kind and so. You gotta say all of the Bible says and and and -- -- -- -- better. In the first chapter the couple shares a searing account of their bitterly unhappy. And largely sex -- early marriage problems they later learned were due to a sexual assault -- grace had suffered as a teen to their Vincent critical. Readers of that first chapters of quote. Grace is often cast as the damaged in sinful wife who withhold sex from her deserving husband. I would have expected that response. I had brought -- -- from my sexual sold into marriage and so -- I perceived things a certain way. You don't believe them as some. Sometimes has been sort of imputed to that that. That a wife should be available to do pretty much any and a husband wants. No. Not -- is about. Lovingly serving one another but when there's one domineering over the other you've really got an abusive situation that's exactly what we want to avoid. -- young's two insist this is not about women being forced to be more sexually available to their husbands. Edu they say about starting a sexual revolution and the way this revolution would look like from your view is. Married men and women having allowed a sack leader Harry therefore hasn't. Having great sex can't live on -- Eric. Was Minnesota's -- that. Got this revolution may be a little bit awkward but -- is high time they say to bring god. Back into the -- for Nightline this is Dan Harris in grapevine Texas.

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{"id":15617586,"title":"God and Sex: New Christian Movement?","duration":"3:39","description":"Pro-sex pastors urge married couples in their flock to get between the sheets.","url":"/Nightline/video/god-sex-christian-movement-15617586","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}