Golden Collar Awards

Famous Fidos walk to red carpet for a chance to win top dog in film and TV.
1:14 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Golden Collar Awards
And finally on Valentine's Day in good times and in bad who can you always count on. The dog the biggest dog show of the year just concluded tonight. Best -- show -- at the 136. Annual Westminster Kennel Club America sounds. It is. -- -- -- -- Not since 1990 -- -- thinking he's won -- very little fellow -- -- formality. Congratulations little guy but Westminster isn't the only show go unless my Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for -- school stars. Ever ABC's David Wright that's got to be a -- of the time. When it comes to deciding whose top dog has always been just one game in town. The Westminster dog show canine supermodels walking -- cannot. I think New York Fashion Week for. Best in show doesn't necessarily translate his best in show bids that got a comment to the coach yeah wearing. Last night your Hollywood the red carpet where. First and you. This is the -- red -- -- -- of. Yeah absolutely. The strangers I've never made out on a carpet people act the act made out with three dogs and I stars of the big screen and the small would turn -- a monster. -- -- -- -- Including reality show dogs. You believe that I mean will they see it as a young patent things and that you know and you look ceremony. Ever -- his nominee and my dog. And plucky little spoke stones. This is we -- -- -- like Scott receiver of all comers. All hoping to -- the next best thing to an Oscar. You see the Academy Awards maintains a strict humans only policy and its rin tin children's fault. Nineteenth -- -- nine Ers your the Oscars were being given out in the -- were tallied up. Legend has it that the best actor award. Went turning to intend. But he didn't get the -- he didn't he was robbed ever since the Oscars have snowed all four legged stars. This year's several standout -- performances there's cosmos the little Jack Russell opposite Christopher Plummer and beginners. Blacking Sasha baron Cohen's evil doberman sidekick from Hugo. On set director Martin Scorsese took to calling him Citizen -- he's -- -- I told it is -- good. You know day normally normally work regrets in my movies. Perhaps the biggest buzz this year is all about -- the Jack Russell from the artist. Former Oscar nominee James Cromwell is one of the East -- stars. There's a little thing we have when I bring George back and dropping he's -- and I looked down at the dog. And the dog sort of looks -- at me and I sort of indicates the dogs what do you think we should do -- he says I got it so I go home okay. Last night the golden color went to argue that -- he's like the Brad Pitt -- in. Got other ingredients and acts out. He's now a top dog in Hollywood even though like Brad -- Well. He's never won an Oscar I'm David Wright for Nightline in --

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{"duration":"1:14","description":"Famous Fidos walk to red carpet for a chance to win top dog in film and TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15617584","title":"Golden Collar Awards","url":"/Nightline/video/golden-collar-awards-dogs-15617584"}