The Great Pumpkin Frenzy

From marshmallows to Eggos, there seems to be a cult-like devotion to pumpkin products this fall.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Transcript for The Great Pumpkin Frenzy
They're not just -- Jacko lantern isn't Thanksgiving pies anymore this year pumpkins. Are getting their moment in the spotlight and from coffee to candles even -- -- -- the pumpkin is everywhere. People can't seem to get enough were pleased to welcome for the first time this broadcast. ABC's -- -- With this sign of the times. -- Not since -- pulled an all night has there been this much anticipation. For a gore. Good got hurt -- -- -- -- air quality every hole Starbucks -- the nation into a frenzy. Grown men and women excited. -- four dollar folding he felt so -- has gotten. And so intense there's even real bidding on eBay for the special pumpkin -- -- sauce. No really a 120 box for two jugs and it's not just coffee this. Year there're so many new pumpkin products you can Philip pumpkin patch pumpkin marshmallows. Parts needed some problems getting -- a wash it all down. -- pumpkin muffins and hot out of the Steve frank and Voller is responsible. Or you might say to blame for helping defeat the pumpkin craze. The executive chef that Dunkin' Donuts. Even as a word for it we're really going for. You know that high level of -- can possibly. What's pumpkin opposite T I was invited into -- secret test kitchen to do a little fun to have reached which. We have more pumpkin items that we have ever had we added four new pumpkin menu items just this year alone we started with just the donut and of course the munchkin we added muffins -- -- -- -- lot today pumpkin white chocolate -- pumpkin mocha latte it's just goes on and -- No notice its -- short does this. Even at primaries like Sam Adams and her her bare back there that's a lot of fans how good -- So much pumped in marketing experts say they've never seen anything like it. We've seen pumpkin mentions. Chain menus up 38% over the last two years we've never seen so many pumpkin -- both on restaurants and in their grocery stores there an obsession for all things -- get. They have very little to do with taste. After all who thinks they're getting real pumpkin in the bag of marshmallows for a -- -- Turns out marketing pumpkin is about selling a feeling too. You know the cool nights the fires in the fireplace all those sorts of things that are about the autumn pumpkins a big part of it -- kind of signals the consumer that. Now it's time you know in some -- the way that we've made pumpkin into a character. Write the great pumpkin. -- Just like -- come in and comes along only for a limited time. Any time there's the perception of scarcity consumers' are gonna go for next time -- there might be gone. But luckily for pumpkin fanatics everywhere there is no shortage of new ideas for squashing. The market. Palm get breaking rules anyone there's really nothing objectionable about pumpkins and it's a very likable. Flavor something very American about it for Nightline I'm -- -- in Boston.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"From marshmallows to Eggos, there seems to be a cult-like devotion to pumpkin products this fall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17504540","title":"The Great Pumpkin Frenzy","url":"/Nightline/video/great-pumpkin-frenzy-17504540"}