Growing up Democratic in a red state, Republican in a blue state

These Democratic families living in Texas and Republican families living in California talk about the backlash they received for being open about their political views.
6:56 | 09/27/17

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Transcript for Growing up Democratic in a red state, Republican in a blue state
The older kids are both Republicans. We argued about it and we said a can you please things. I wore a trump shirt to 62 will and every one got mad at me. My friend Matthew was worried about his parents get Deeg ported when Donald Trump became president. They said you're bad because you wanted Donald Trump and I wanted Hillary and they get mad at me. Ought way down to elementary school. Politically divided, politically active. Most Americans believe their country is today deeply divided and is there any hopeful. Local Democrats we spoke to said it is the reddest in America. Texans for Hillary city stuck in her lawn. Rainbow stars and stripes and a home made planned parenthood wreath. My neighbor to the north had a trump sign, my neighbor across the street had a trump sign. I voted for her and I would do it again if I could. These friends and their moms still living deep in a red state. After the election, there were kids in the cafeteria talking about building the wall. There was this kind of baiting going on. I get poked at a lot for being the black sheep of the family. They're concerned that being a Democrat means I don't have a relationship with god. Over in deep blue southern California, we met Republican women feeling similarly shamed. They meet on a private Facebook page to chat. It is all Republican moms. Yes of the not necessarily Republicans. We say if you support trump. That's where it shifted to. It has gotten so bad for people. In the course of my daily life in Los Angeles, I do not meet many trump supporters. People can't be out about it. It could jeopardize their career. People in the entertainment industry, people with businesses. We met at the Reagan library in Simi Valley. They did not want their last names used. Do you like politics? Uh-huh. I like it because you get to see other points of view. We first met his wife this supper. I fee like they're bringing in bad things. I wanted to go. I voted for trump in our school's mock election. My friend asked, who did you vote for? They're like, you're a disgraceful. You're a disgrace. I should have my own political beliefs. I don't harass you forlike Obama of will. I find a lot of people on the left are very vocal about their opinions. When eye vocal about my opinion, will inracist, I will intolerant of the. Girls came up to her and said trump grabs women, trump -- she comes home and tells me this stuff. And I said honey, it is much more complicated handle the that. We live in a stupid -- It's not a friendly environment. On my own Facebook page, she went to the mat. Shooting 72% for Clinton. 22.5 for trump. You had a jail Hillary sticker on your car. Right? Yes. It did not go well. When Obama got elected, we didn't break things down and burn things. We kept quiet for eight years. Why can't the Democrats let us have our fun? Jimmy: It never used to be this bad. Never been this bad. The issues have never been this critical. We've never had the level of national security threats. It has been very productive. The economy, the stock market, jobs. Jimmy: Have you lost friends over this? Yes of the. Making inflammatory sfwamts the police behaving stupidly of the. Do you have similar political opinions to your parents? Yes. I tell my children not to talk about politics when they're at school. Don't talk about how we voted for trump or that we don't like Hillary. We end up with a country that people are too scared to fix what's really wrong. Those Democrats in Texas agree. I'm not talking about that. They're talking about putting circles together, that's truly getting Democrats and Republicans in the same room of the. It has come to that? It has come to that. And they're learning from their parents. My mom talked to me about it. And she was like, he doesn't like gay people. He doesn't like all sorts of stuff. And that made me realize Donald Trump was a bad person. Vanessa, even Thor, mother, is now running for congress. This is -- she's the incumbent. She is. She's been in there almost 20 years. And the Republican Kay Granger polled nearly 70% last time. Who will fight for my children? For my students. Sophia is Vanessa's daughter. I would vote for who is kind hearted, wants to help everyone, not like Donald Trump. Brittney power is an Iraq war veteran. I've had a lot of experience being treated like what are you thinking? I'm going to delete you off Facebook because I don't like what you're saying. Rather than let's agree to disagree. Why don't you just move to Los Angeles? I feel like I've got to do this work. If I'm not here to have these conversations, then who will? So is there hope? I think we are creating a future generation that does not have voter apathy like we do now. Every mom wants to know when our children leave our front doors, that they'll be safe. Those are values every mom nasa common. Those are a good starting point. Most people have it in common. How do we move beyond this? We have to be adults and have xofrgss are hard to have. Maybe we need to be more like kids. Calm down a little. I've seen on YouTube pea getting into fist fights. Talk about other stuff as well. They're talking about if I knowett spinners of the. In California and Texas.

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{"id":50120463,"title":"Growing up Democratic in a red state, Republican in a blue state","duration":"6:56","description":"These Democratic families living in Texas and Republican families living in California talk about the backlash they received for being open about their political views. ","url":"/Nightline/video/growing-democrat-red-state-republican-blue-state-50120463","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}