Guns in America: Searching for Solutions

Part 3: Police officers, doctors and gunshot victims offer their thoughts on the future of gun control.
3:00 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Guns in America: Searching for Solutions
We return to Chicago on -- where -- trauma surgeon at Cook County Hospital is preparing to remove yet another slowed from yet another gunshot victim. And -- -- David Wright tells us this doctor is also a cop serving on this county's swat team. Every day fury in the you know walk the lowest when my career was when I had open -- and a three year old in this room on this that. And he died you know economists doctor Dennis keeps a collection of bullets. -- teaching tool for the residents about what they're likely to encounter at the Cook County trauma center. I get it. Being a police officer doing -- search warrants in these neighborhoods I understand where these -- comes from. I understand these neighborhoods to a degree. It's dangerous place that registers but it needs to protect a lot people they feel that. You know their lives hurt their wrist from the kind of leave their house -- time -- the bus stop when they end up here they're not so tough anymore horrible. Quite the contrary there as vulnerable as they'll ever be -- human beings in pain. Plus. Remember that guy who had surgery for multiple gunshot wounds last night. His name is -- Morton he's 26 years old he has a four month old son. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Missiles. Golf -- Maybe a lot of things. -- Of course plenty of doctor Dennis -- patients are just innocent bystanders caught in the -- -- Darrell Hammond -- was walking his little brother home from a basketball game when he got shot and -- -- people would make better choices and human. By not shooting people like. Foods there's no sense. -- spent Thanksgiving here at the Cook County icu. He'll spend Christmas and New Year's year to. Lucky to be alive. But that young man on the -- in Philadelphia. Not so lucky young male we just pulled out -- wagons. -- announced today announced that at temple university hospital 109. Another statistic. According to CDC is one of the nearly 121000. People killed in America each year. By gun violence as the bodies pile up and sold -- the weapons the boss police commissioner Charles Ramsey stands in an arsenal full of confiscated guns 3500. Of them. Recovered here this year alone. This kind of carnage should not be happening on the streets of RC I mean we're not in Beirut we -- in Afghanistan. We're in Philadelphia at some point in time you gotta say that's enough -- each other. -- kids -- -- each other every day in the streets an innocent people are dying every day. What happened this week is a tragedy -- there's there's no way around if you can guarantee me that nothing like that will ever happen again. That I'll will never be faced with the fact that I will have to protect my family from a bad person or from anybody using done. No innocent child will be shot still innocent person Marbury shot again I will -- you -- -- right now.

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{"id":18032332,"title":"Guns in America: Searching for Solutions","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: Police officers, doctors and gunshot victims offer their thoughts on the future of gun control.","url":"/Nightline/video/guns-america-18032332","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}