Hans Zimmer Talks 'DKR' Music

Famous composer created the Batman films? music and shows us how to make a personal soundtrack.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hans Zimmer Talks 'DKR' Music
Have you ever walked down the street and -- to tune in your head that just seemed to fit the moment like in a movie. Well think the prolific Academy Award winning composer whose hard -- work on a way to design your own personal soundtrack here's ABC's David Wright. The German recording studio doesn't do justice does Santa Monica's main square Hans -- works there's a real -- would be. To the space and methodical about tragedy. This is a best case a high tech. -- layer working here in this studio Zimmer has composed music for more than a hundred Hollywood movies. Including the Lion King. Which won an Academy Award for best original score. -- wrote the music for Rain Man. Also nominated for an Oscar. -- -- -- -- -- And one of the very few Hollywood composers. Who I think has reached the stature of Henry Mancini or John Williams you have to go to mentioned to a but look at. Extraordinary options but -- -- -- the B pages. Probably just about as well okay okay okay third -- we're talking about. You know a mound as opposed to quote -- -- Gladiator pretty good Ocalan. Got his start in the German pop band the boggles -- them. Pretty much created the music video -- An excuse to make. He was always how do we get to go make movies and so we -- Jamaica three minute video. You have a group a whole generation are being the first video -- MTV. Back man holds a special place in his heart. My hero -- department costume intricate. Which roughly expected one day at school in the and everybody else with beating. Bianca could and needed to music for all three films and director Christopher Nolan Dark Knight villages -- -- somewhere. -- Score for the second Batman movie won a Grammy Award. With the Dark Knight rises those button area and teams have evolved. Since one -- ability. -- -- -- -- We gave less crowded described the -- process. -- -- things and so. Musical -- Zimmer also experiments with new technology. For instance -- Zimmer has been experimenting with -- -- usual iPhone app but it really wants to for the -- with something we could do. -- we could merge. The real world with the music and -- suffocating his experience of -- -- -- give credence. The -- takes cues from your environment your speed direction time of day even the sound coming over the microphone. And mixes it with the soundscape of Gotham city's so I can kind of put myself in the bat mobile. And really. Enjoy the drive -- Now you don't even need to be here. -- to have that dark -- experience. I'm David Wright for Nightline. -- -- -- Gotham city.

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{"id":17062530,"title":"Hans Zimmer Talks 'DKR' Music","duration":"3:00","description":"Famous composer created the Batman films? music and shows us how to make a personal soundtrack.","url":"/Nightline/video/hans-zimmer-talks-dkr-music-17062530","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}