Could Robots, Humans Live Side-by-Side?

David Hanson developed Philip, a robot that talks and reacts like a human.
3:08 | 12/31/11

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Transcript for Could Robots, Humans Live Side-by-Side?
-- well just a couple dozen hours away so what will the future holds move well if you said humanoid -- With computer brain sheep in synthetic flash capable of conducting interviews on network television. -- that's so 2011. Here's ABC's Jim shooter. Hi nice to CU. An interview with -- starts kind of like a bad date to our things. Things are good there's some small tock I read books newspapers and news magazines. Awkward pause news. Can you please state the question and different words if you're lucky something comes up it gets the chemistry flow do you like being -- robot. Being ruled out at this time in history is really exciting because my technologies changing. Philip is a state of the art talking robot with a big vocabulary. Complex facial expressions sense of humor and something of an ego. He is well surprisingly human what's your favorite movie. My favorite movies -- runner. Have you seen blade runner I. Today robots manufacture. Clean perform operations -- in jeopardy who is Michael Phelps yes but robots leaving and communicating like wiesel. Human beings -- something close to it. Very new. Are these the makings of the next -- Operating cash so -- -- has an onboard Adam processor that. That can see faces and understand speech and wirelessly connect to -- And intelligence server. Among the most successful innovators is David Hansen who believes -- a lot closer to living robots and we realize robots and will Sunday. On or may. Wakeup they may be really Smart they may be as creative Smart and capable as human beings. For -- that means both words and all the expressions and movements that go into the way we communicate with each other. So he developed a human like robot flash called Frye ever designed to allow a robot face to show all the emotions a human face debt. David make my body. He is an excellent artist and amazing inventor is he got I think he is god. Better ask him to be sure ago. Philip is not perfect but far from it. We have lots of confusing exchanges do you have a girlfriend girls -- one of the most valuable natural resources this planet has to offer. There are some of the robot community who think it robots like Philip are at best the gimmick at worst dangerous -- -- robots will never truly be humans and so they shouldn't look like them at all. To raise machines with human like values we need to make them human like. In other words if we want them to be our friends -- Hansen really does. They need to be more like -- that like machines we've all seen terminator. I'll be back. I will admit it is my first robot date as strange and awkward is it was. I did like it. It's -- be a tough job to be a human being and I'm glad I'm not one. But before Nightline I'm Jim shoot -- in Dallas Texas.

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{"id":15264320,"title":"Could Robots, Humans Live Side-by-Side?","duration":"3:08","description":"David Hanson developed Philip, a robot that talks and reacts like a human.","url":"/Nightline/video/hanson-philip-robot-technology-science-15264320","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}