Happy 100th Birthday, Chevy!

Chevrolet is still General Motors' most popular car brand, 100 years strong.
3:00 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Happy 100th Birthday, Chevy!
It's a big country out there 3000 miles from sea to shining sea. That's a lot of open road with a lot of incredible dashboard views along the way. But the American love affair with cars which can border on obsession is showing signs of strain. Just as one of our favorites passes a big mile marker here's ABC's John Donvan. Kandahar in 1953 -- And. Martin 2011. Dinah Shore and many in -- -- okay man. Now this cast of glee. Nothing moving him past me and it's present. That's what you get to do when your brand has been around for ever. Or in the case of Chevrolet this week exactly 100 years years during which have really didn't really neat to seeing its own song. Because the culture was making up its own Elton John crocodile rock. The claim with American -- Taylor Swift singing achievement wrong. As soon you. The story these songs Alltel is the one about the American dream -- on wheels from 57 Chevrolet. What they drove around the American union and classic TV shows like route 66. It's how Marisa Tomei set the record straight in the New York accent in My Cousin Vinny. It's 32755. Between seventy to 62 it wasn't -- it with a flat out caught just 64. This is what that. 1960s. -- Chevrolet. Part that. The card is a classic and the guy driving it jolt you -- chief marketing officer for General Motors -- -- you know make -- month. Right there -- no longer just transportation to retirement income so that people wanted to have them and -- the delicate balance when you've got a hundred years behind you. How -- -- talked about those glory days this ship released doing when the hard facts are Japan's cars are the best selling now. The US taxpayer had to buy GM out of bankruptcy and the romance of the road is is gone now as gas and twenty cents ago. How do you talk about those glory days and not -- saying it'll never be that good again he was the first -- coming allowed you to have something other than black. It was the first to allow you to finance a car Chevrolet was the -- -- you know -- working Americans drove. For a hundred years. Which is why in the GM heritage center where they've lined up all these museum quality classics the 1969 Camaro the 1970 el camino. The 1935. Suburban. Like an SUV before they were suvs. The center spot goes to the volt GM's new electric car the when you plug in and recharge at night. Every month every year we expect him more interested buyers because they see more of minor road but with just about 4000 sold so far at a price tag that starts at 40000 dollars. It's still not in Freeman's car. We -- -- public it's tough to understand we're all very good education what the vehicles all about but just maybe a hundred years from now will revolt. Have a place in the history of Chevrolet -- there's no doubt in museums around the world -- -- now there will be able. Well made but we'll know for sure when these days aren't the good old days. I'm John Donvan for Nightline. In Detroit.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chevrolet is still General Motors' most popular car brand, 100 years strong.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14886803","title":"Happy 100th Birthday, Chevy!","url":"/Nightline/video/happy-100th-birthday-chevy-14886803"}