New Harassment Claims Against Cain

GOP frontrunner hit with more accusations of inappropriate behavior.
4:34 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for New Harassment Claims Against Cain
The whiff of scandal seems to be helping her McCain's fundraising. His presidential campaign announced tonight they've set a record and raise nearly a million dollars and 48 hours. And polls find him leading the Republican field. But came for one says he smells a -- first he suggested racism now king is pointing his finger squarely at Texas governor Rick Perry's campaign. For leaking sexual harassment claims. ABC's Brian Ross is here to investigate Brian. -- the Associated Press reports tonight that a third woman considered filing a workplace complaint against Herman Cain at the National Restaurant Association. Over what was termed aggressive and unwanted behavior within invitations to his corporate apartment here in Washington. -- has already denounced the two previous allegations against them as false question the integrity of the women. But in fact our ABC news investigation has found that both clintons are highly respected professionals. We've got -- successful careers in and around government. After two days of talking to reporters everywhere -- spent today avoided as best he -- And apparently following the advice of the newly hired crisis management team. -- trying to change the subject and save his candidacy. Yeah yeah. The new tech involved accusations and -- chief of staff. Mr. -- thanks for being here thanks for having me the story was planned to national. Campaign the Texas governor Rick Perry Rick Perry needs to apologize to Herman Cain and quite frankly to America there's something the Kerry campaign did not. The women who made the applications remain unnamed in news reports. They are well known inside government circles. One of them has worked for years. As a public spokesperson for various federal government agencies her case appears to be the one -- has described in his round of interviews saying she was in communications. And quite short. And I was standing near her and I did this thing you know same high it is my wife. Because my wife is five feet tall she comes that the marching in this latest path he tells you can with -- and so obviously. She felt that that was too close for comfort elsewhere -- called into question her job performance I do recall that. Her performance. It had been told to me about crumbles -- and out of the park. The other woman who complained about -- is described by former colleagues is now working as a registered lobbyist in New Jersey. -- says he recalls having after -- drinks with her and other employees of the restaurant association. She was in some of those grew. Activities when we went out together but it was never she and -- -- anything like that. But the incident which took place in a restaurant in Crystal City Virginia was much more serious according to a former pollster for the restaurant association. Oklahoma political consultant Chris Wilson. Now a supporter of Governor Perry says he was an eyewitness and talked about it this morning on radio station KT OK. He was a very lower levels Stafford I think she was and -- nature years out of college. And this -- occurred at a restaurant. City everybody was very aware of and not be drawn into into it -- specifically but if she comes out talks about it and I think apartment in -- campaign. McCain's recollections of the incidents at the National Restaurant Association and then of any actual settlements have changed throughout the week as far as a settlement. I -- on aware. -- Minnesota settlement three months' salary -- something like that just. They even trying to recall -- it was somewhere in the vicinity. To read says six months' severance pay today the New York Times reported the settlement was actually a full year's pay. 35000. Dollars no small matter according to employment lawyer David -- The -- severance really is a company. Taking the matter seriously and investigating seriously and perhaps finding that there were at least something that -- taking care of that employee. A lawyer for one of the woman said he had met with this -- tonight and that while she wants to restore her reputation and validate -- claims against -- She has decided not to make any public appearances. Instead the lawyers said she will likely issue a statement sometime Thursday that contests -- versions of events but offers no new details. All of which he says need the approval of the restaurant association.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"GOP frontrunner hit with more accusations of inappropriate behavior.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14870894","title":"New Harassment Claims Against Cain","url":"/Nightline/video/harassment-claims-cain-14870894"}