Hate Religion, Love Jesus

Meet the guy behind the controversial church-bashing rap video gone viral.
5:53 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Hate Religion, Love Jesus
Religious refugees helped found this country and spiritual pioneers helped settle it. But nowadays there's no need it to the wagons started new congregation because the front tier of religion in America has moved on line. Tonight we meet a very young men are wrapping preacher with an exploding online audience and to truly. Unorthodox message here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky for our series. Faith matters. -- -- -- -- -- Jesus came to abolish religion. His rap has been viewed more than eighteen million times in just weeks Jesus and religion are on -- veterans. C -- the work of god the ones and -- Invention it is a slickly produced YouTube video from a -- no one had ever heard 122 year old born again Christian. Who makes the provocative and now -- viral claim that he hates religion. But loves Jesus and if religion is so great. I started swimming pools but as it builds huge churches -- fails to feed the poor. His catchy single Jesus is greater than religion knowing judge and -- the same for putting on a fake look. Because as a problem with people -- -- -- you're a -- -- your FaceBook do you see a lot of hypocrisy. In organized religion. I see a lot of hypocrisy in the world. Jeff that's he is the reformed sinner behind this sermon in the speed of and upload -- himself speaking for a generation cheated by scandal. And I think the biggest thing is my generation. Desires. Authenticity we -- to tell the truth and live it out because we're we're kind of sick. The typical person held up on a pedestal. That then six months later as a sex scandal I think our generation just wants to know that someone really believes and really walks what they're talking about. This isn't your father's christianity I consider this kid with no -- -- resignation and no back is now reaching a far bigger audience than Billy Graham never hacked into -- stadium we have. -- grant and -- -- the -- -- guy who lives -- upper bunk bed with his -- In the -- a job helping disadvantaged kids is suddenly a very big deal -- Yeah you. Churches and universities across the country. Want to bring him -- to speak and perform but now that I know -- -- both my weakness. Recent church service and found young people swarming -- for autographs and pictures and talking about his video like it was the latest Justin Bieber hit. It's all based that is all of its leader is everywhere crazy because yeah. -- and okay. But not everyone's a fan. None none of us perfect health -- together we'll Christian religion that you can't release them far from we need some help in the search. And that I believe -- don't speak to the people. Half truth to defeat the faithful at a conference of the defense of the church in a series of online wraps that mimic that skis -- makes good points. But to -- -- religion away. Business line. Opening Calgary's Stephen inns and -- vice point we all -- hypocrisy and to show is just the worst. The blending religion for contradiction. Is like staring at death. Blaming the -- but some strong real -- yeah I mean I've been called the anti Christ and called a false teacher having called of the devil you know. -- -- -- very surprised by the reaction. So for religion no I hated the fact that leader leader resented. Because when Jesus -- it is seeing this I believe he meant. Here's where it gets tricky guy who raps against organized religions spent every Sunday in church. And -- -- says that not every one of his horses should be taken literally. My intent is to not write a systematic theology that takes me three years. My intent is to write something with grace and Jesus at the middle the ruffles feathers and -- conversation. You want to ruffle feathers. Yet of my intention is to start conversation and so. I wanted to -- conversation on his ruffling feathers yet -- I wanted things to boil up. So that we had to deal with them whether whether I was right or wrong when other whenever people thought about it I wanted things to be at the forefront where we actually had to talk about him. They're talking all right beyond -- to newspapers and church is coast to coast have taken up the debate. And in this election year best -- part of a new generation of Christians were concerned with social justice than partisan politics. What if I told you voting Republican Chris -- wasn't his mission. What if I told -- Republican doesn't automatically mean Christian. The newest members of voting bloc that helped elect Ronald Reagan as part of the moral majority and George W. Bush has -- evangelical right -- More than opposing gay marriage and abortion. And they're now turning their attention on the church itself -- -- and I love the church I love the Bible and yes I believe in -- But Jesus came to your church but they actually let him. In the older generation -- generalized statement sometimes can get -- -- been illegally stick rituals and rules but in my generation sometimes falls on the side of we just. Don't think -- preach about truth. Whether you like what he has to -- or not the message is a provocative want him and he's not done yet if the American press. Expressing something broke. His latest video on marriages had more than three million hits in two weeks. And -- and -- well. He says he's just a kid from the hood with ambitions to have his own flock. She news. -- church that's right -- church which won't follow the mold. I'm real problems before him like climbing -- Washington.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Meet the guy behind the controversial church-bashing rap video gone viral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15552858","title":"Hate Religion, Love Jesus","url":"/Nightline/video/hate-religion-love-jesus-15552858"}