Healthy Snack: Orange Crunch

Inside the secret push to make baby carrots the new snack food favorite.
3:38 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Healthy Snack: Orange Crunch
Is -- for the modern mad men out there how do you get a famously fat loving nation to heat their carrots. -- one reform junk food -- betting his reputation that you can do it with witty narration sex appeal. Any surprise twist here's ABC's David Wright with tonight. -- -- Yeah demands taste -- and hand taste. It's not a -- for a larger array or cosmetics. -- fear and burned. Ladies and gentlemen this is an ad for terrorists. Tag line. You like junk food brought to you by a bunch of -- farmers to your marketing carrots as junk food. Well we took us some of the lessons of junk food and Wayne and I kind of -- them Jeff -- CEO animal house farms imagined a future. All -- -- -- baby carrots as popular as potato chips. We've got a perfect. 35 calories affordable. You know great -- taste great but people learning as -- -- that we'd like so what do we do. Futuristic cliche complete. We wrap this thing in the same lessons of junk food marketing. Dunn knows a thing or two about junk food marketing before he took over at both houses farms he spent twenty years as a top executive for Coca-Cola. We you have a product we've called risk. You don't have to explain and -- -- the Coca-Cola kid has come over from the dark except. What are your -- -- -- thing anybody in -- marketing business is always watching everybody else -- run business but they think you're tilting at Windmills here. Learn thanks I think that we've gotten enough. We've got enough traction on this and gotten enough interest. The company test marketed its new approach to baby carrots and Cincinnati and Syracuse last year. The campaign directed at kids cannot moms are now vampires are all the rage right now check this out. In both cities double digit growth if they had the same success nationwide. There would not be enough -- to meet the demand. They take their parents very seriously. Turns out baby carrots are not genetically engineered bridges as I -- previously. Thought we try to -- them so they grow long in uniform diameter. And then we come up -- the elements -- that this isn't just some ingenious invention from some lab guys. No nose no mad scientists going on trying to change the genetics of it there. They are what they seem to be all natural right orange. And and a -- Say some carrots. This is a taste test of various flavors they're hoping to package with the -- Election and I price. It's very light easy cash. Flavor might be a little strong we see the carrot guys have studied what happened with the lowly -- him. The data chips were selling just fine then they introduced barbecue sauce and vinegar and all those other flavors and suddenly potato chips took off. To this to be like Karen equivalent of a salt and vinegar potato chip or -- you're the manager and I miss that we're tasting right now -- -- something. Move over for data chips -- -- -- I'm David Wright for Nightline in --

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Inside the secret push to make baby carrots the new snack food favorite.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15536005","title":"Healthy Snack: Orange Crunch ","url":"/Nightline/video/healthy-snack-orange-crunch-15536005"}