Herman Cain's Damage Control

GOP candidate responds to allegations that he sexually harassed women.
3:00 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Herman Cain's Damage Control
A year from now we may be talking about an October surprise some stunning revelation that could change the fate of the 2012 presidential election. But this October. These surprise has been Herman Cain pizza executive turned Republican hole leader. His novel tax -- -- campaign ads -- brought in -- flash following but his surge also brought for some disturbing allegations from his past today. -- co anchor Terry Moran takes a look for our series the contenders. It's been a wild ride these past few weeks perform in pain. -- -- -- -- -- He's vaulted to the top of the polls in the Republican race for president. And he's had a time of his life doing. He's introduced the radical new tax plan to the country with a relentless repetition of -- simple formula of three tax rates personal corporate. And a national sales tax. Nine nine. Night night thank you he's lit up the GOP faithful at the debates. -- -- He's run an unconventional. Campaign thinly staffed improvisational. And collided with some of the most eccentric commercials in recent history. Some quality flowers get their mr. Who have very yellow flower. Today but today things just -- Crazy -- any comment on the allegations. Herman Cain came to Washington and straight into the whirlwind of a potentially explosive scandal over sexual harassment charges the story first reported by the website Politico. Two women separately accused -- of unwanted sexual comments and advances in the 1990s. When he ran the national restaurant assistance -- trade group. -- they said made sexual innuendoes and invited one of the women to his hotel suite. ABC news has confirmed that the association. Paid settlements to the -- Cain's response at a -- at the National Press Club I have never secular arrested -- one. And those accusations. Are totally false but he did acknowledge he had been accused and investigated. By the association -- it it was. Conclude it -- eight thorough investigation. That it -- -- no basis. As far as a -- -- RM on aware. Of Minnesota settlement are -- about the much -- -- I didn't do anything that was his story at 1 PM. Later in an interview on the PBS Newshour with Judy Woodruff -- -- Elaborate. One -- and it will of the one who make the formal charge that only one that I could recall. After a day of trying to remember. Specifics. Was once I referenced this latest -- And I was standing near her and I did this saying you know same -- is my wife. Because my wife is five feet tall she -- looked imagine if this latest path he felt she came -- much in so obviously. She felt that that was too close for comfort. It showed up in the back to. Allegations. And -- -- speaking to fox news's Greta Van Susteren. -- contradicted his earlier remarks saying he -- were called details of a financial settlement of the allegations. We ended up settling. For what would have been -- termination settlement quite frankly. That -- about maybe. Three months' salary -- something like that just. They've been trying to recall -- I think it's it's a big deal only if we see it go somewhere from here because right now it's -- he said she said story. We don't have much more than that so another shoe needs to drop another -- needs to drop in order for this. Kinda take nine happiness. I could weighed down McCain camp and but right now pain is soon -- a breath of fresh. People come -- Projecting that take charge executive personality to voters' craving leadership. And unlike the other Republicans -- doesn't with the infectious Blair and fun. Today the press club luncheon he serenaded. The reporters with an old gospel -- Delivered with genuine feeling. You looked. The alone. -- -- roll mount. Fuel. Means. It's been the most unlikely of campaign so far -- longest of long shots in the Republican field. And now as he grapples with the fallout from the sexual harassment allegations Herman -- faces a test. And he keep this wild ride to the top of the polls going -- This morning he made clear he intends to try. Yes I am unconventional candidate. And yes I do have a sense of -- And some people have a problem with that. But to quote my chief of staff and all the people -- talked to around this country. Herman. B Herman and Herman his bonus they -- thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"GOP candidate responds to allegations that he sexually harassed women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14854864","title":"Herman Cain's Damage Control","url":"/Nightline/video/herman-cains-damage-control-14854864"}