Hidden America: Amid Gang War, Chicago Struggles to Create Change

Part 3: Former gang members turn their lives around to work with kids; mothers create safe houses.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Hidden America: Amid Gang War, Chicago Struggles to Create Change
Week after her summit. Come -- -- flagrant saint Sabina church launches an audacious idea. Basketball tournament at -- Members of enemy gains from rival neighborhoods come to the church's gym next and they take on each other. The basketball court. NBA stars joking Noah Taj Gibson and there. The so is the legendary Isiah Thomas who grew up in these neighborhood. Crowded neighborhood. And from our settlement news drain and it's mr. -- No question -- great -- at each other that -- try to kill. But today his -- And went through. He played out today we did some valid I don't -- -- differently saying it may seem like a small victory this for you grew. And Chicago neighborhoods are filled with brave people struggling to secure small ideas. Mothers creating safe -- -- not your father's starting mentoring programs. Derrick Brown as a former gang -- for the vice lords nicknamed shotgun and now runs the north Lawndale boxing league for kids. Kids is vulnerable and pressure as he. -- -- -- -- -- Notably these young man we've done easily -- -- -- you think I'm ready for the big -- Back inside the church 100 people members of the community have joined our group only a few of the kids from earlier. Agreed to stay and listen. Solution Davis head of Chicago's office of public engagement said it has to start with getting control of the guns. You're calling on all parents it -- that he's gotten out of their. It as they'd take every gone out of everybody house and think this -- -- Golf I had a couple blisters Pappas doesn't that -- much grieving mothers to not tell the story of their children one -- -- -- from my front and the police promised and more than 500 additional officers. This mother says it's not enough. In Chicago's over 70% of the cases that -- -- So and mascots -- now -- -- was murdered in eighteen years old come on the -- to this day fiction has played in my case is not scrap every -- still on the street. Some of those who joined us offered jobs training. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As it was getting late it's a wonderful thing -- I love you cannot always. And you -- but the bottom and has. Come in he has it what we need to do list of people. I'd stop our truck back. Isiah Thomas also shows up reminding everyone that with so many good people trying -- Their -- to be home 95%. Of the people in our communities. I have good -- Saint Paul work. And tonight and -- tells us. Since that. Basketball tournament -- kids have signed up job internships they can. No homicides. In his neighborhood. And also are meeting -- is watching and hoping so was Julian so was does that ring. And so was -- little boy named Christian disappointment was the last word. I want to same -- -- Not because I have no experience. Is because of the violence. Scenes and never -- And we are so grateful to the people helped us organize this event and to those in the community who attended. And a note about the police in Chicago and the city they tell us there are trying something different to focusing police action now. The -- places but on the shooters the people who are the repeat offenders. And they say already. Is producing and nearly 40% reduction in crime in some neighborhoods. I am so struck Cynthia this case it's tough it's owed to me. So deep so entrenched and were hoping everyone at home watching will come forward with your own great ideas. For all the people in Chicago in that community. Who want to take a chance on change.

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{"id":17523968,"title":"Hidden America: Amid Gang War, Chicago Struggles to Create Change","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: Former gang members turn their lives around to work with kids; mothers create safe houses.","url":"/Nightline/video/hidden-america-amid-gang-war-chicago-struggles-create-17523968","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}