Three high school students, three different addiction battles: Part 2

Rockdale Recovery High students Harry, Nicole and Matt have their own perspectives on the future after struggling with drug addiction.
5:39 | 11/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Three high school students, three different addiction battles: Part 2
Three teenagers doing battle with addiction, trying not to become one of the estimated 33,000 people who will die of an opioid overdose this year. At least 2,000 of whom will be in Massachusetts. After four months of being clean, Harry has gone into full-blown relapse. Using heroin. Driving to go get high right now. High on dope. I don't feel good doing this. I just can't stop, you know? Like I don't want to use. But I'm talking to you right now while I'm high. Like why isn't my willpower strong enough? It's because I'm weak? Is it because like I'm not a man? You have an answer. You have a way out. But you consciously make a decision to buy more misery. To buy more pain. That's what I do. I'm still praying. I just don't know how much I believe in it right now. Reporter: Back at school, Matt has replaced the urge to use with the urge to play. Me and my buddy Zach were asked to play with a bunch of older guys. Now I have a chance to like put in everything I have into a sport. Not have to think about going home and using. How was it? It was great. It's Tuesday, hockey day. I'm pretty Depressed. Reporter: And Nicole, who seemed a little lost during the holidays -- I think she doesn't feel like she has a lot to offer. When I say to her things like, you should be a model, she looks at me like I'm crazy. Reporter: Suddenly that dream doesn't seem so crazy. I am going to Virginia, 40 to 50 agents around the country are going to be there. Your goal is to become a model? Yeah. You know what? This is awesome. Reporter: Nicole and her mom set out on a road trip, trying to make that dream a reality. I placed first runner-up in my division. I had over 30 call-backs. That's pretty good. Reporter: But for seniors Matt and Nicole, a new stressor is looming on the horizon. Graduation. I'm worried about not having a sense of direction. Because I feel a lot of people did that a lot for us here. I think even though they're trying to be tough guys, they're all terrified of what tomorrow will bring. Reporter: One person who will not be at graduation, Harry. Did you use today? Yeah. Reporter: After he started using heroin again, Harry's parents sent him into involuntary rehab. So we're on our way to see Harry now. He recently got out of detox. He's at a transitional home. You pretty confident you can do it this time? If I wasn't confident, it's kind of like why even try? Reporter: Now he can even see a future. I'm doing this to become a better person for myself. I want to be able to have the wife, I want to be able to have the kids. I know that's crazy, but why does it have to be crazy? Why can't I do that? Reporter: There is another future he can also see. Do you still worry people will be attending your funeral at some point? Yeah, but I want it to be a party. Reporter: Back at rockdale recovery high, graduation day has finally arrived. And the mood is quite somber. Especially for Matt, who won't meet our eye. What are you nervous about? Leaving high school. I think he's really emotional about graduating. I also know that he relapsed and he's really embarrassed about that. Let me ask you a tough question. We heard that you've had a bit of a setback recently. Is that true? Um -- yeah, it's true. I smoked weed. I felt guilty. And I was upset about it. I am sober. I had to restart. The only thing I changed was my Are you proud of yourself? Oh, yeah. Here I am, graduating. Reporter: A modeling career may be in her future. I actually have an interview on my birthday. The modeling world, it could be one that has temptation in it. Does that worry you at all? This world that we live in is a huge temptation. You can't destroy yourself. That's not going to work. Reporter: Nicole and Matt take the walk they never thought they would. It's been a life-changing experience, maybe even a life-saving experience. Thank you for never giving up. Moving forward in life, this will stick with me, the fact that there is a little bit of hope and that there are actually good people. Reporter: And one final rite of passage. One, two, three -- congratulations, whoo! Nice job! They're going to do it. They're going to be rock stars. ???

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Rockdale Recovery High students Harry, Nicole and Matt have their own perspectives on the future after struggling with drug addiction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"50903312","title":"Three high school students, three different addiction battles: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/high-school-students-different-addiction-battles-50903312"}