Homesaver Helps Others Avoid Foreclosure

ABC's Chris Cuomo talks with a businessman who negotiates with banks.
7:26 | 12/11/11

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Transcript for Homesaver Helps Others Avoid Foreclosure
And a holiday season when so many people are hurting and so many more fear that were in danger of losing the American dream. What tell you some extraordinary stories about people who are determined to do what they can to make sure. That doesn't happen now just an hour the Republican presidential contenders will take the stage and Iowa to debate. The people you meet tonight aren't just talking the talk they're taking on the biggest challenges facing our country. These people -- simply rolled up their sleeves and started doing something about our problems. We Begin tonight with a man that you've been working with almost -- now very interest in guy taking on one of our biggest challenges for closures now we know millions of families are fighting to save their homes by modifying their loans. But only 1% of -- successful. That is unless they have someone like that guy you are about to meet fighting for them. He is saying the American dream. I think there -- an -- and that awful to have my house. This is my home -- not -- and. Heather cabin bought her Framingham Massachusetts home eight years ago right now she's fighting the bank to keep it. A date has been set to auction it off. When I heard people we're losing jobs and might not in this economy that I knew I couldn't I could -- back. But -- unfortunately -- Its simplest. Act -- a single mom with a fourteen year old son named Don me that. She also takes care for the eighty year old mother Geraldine it's not that I wanted to stay at home and have a free house. I want a war you're just a person got stuck on hard times you're not running away from your -- Don't I want in my bills. I want a payment panic before I wanted to -- my mortgage -- -- bank. Last year Heather was laid off from a full time job in sales for a beverage company. Her new part time job even with help from her mother and ex husband isn't enough to make ends meet. I was just squeaking by. That -- the fifteen. You know and then it's turned into the sixteenth and then a seventeenth and then it would be like the 29. So -- -- -- bank GM AC to modify her mortgage which then cost about 2600 dollars a month I would say. Lesson we revolve that's why you -- to struck my interest rate that doesn't no brainer. But the bank's response she says was a barrage of letters and collection calls. I mean I -- -- -- working single mother taking care -- eighty year old mother. And I'm just trying to get I. And serve life now I want to thrive and I'm sick of just survive I wanna -- -- -- have a good life and they can help you do that they are just doing what needs to be done and modify my market. Because I'll be able to afford and it I don't know why they don't went home me. Now here brokerage if there is no George Bailey's left in the world you know -- any. It's -- lol. My business but maybe there are. Meet Bruce bogus law. A man with a gift for getting mortgages modified. Americans own their homes this is my spot on earth. I've done everything right this is being threatened. The 54 year old doesn't look like George -- but he knows banks. He's actually a former management consultant who worked in finance. Now from his cramped offices above a pool hall Bruce fights all day against the biggest banks. Do anticipate that this plan would stay right about the -- sounds. How Sharia. And saves homes for people like Heather. -- has been fighting -- bank to modify her loan for seven months now. You get to the point. Where I can say the mortgage has been changed its -- those are actually. And -- says he can appreciate heaven because he lived through hell. Though he's a savvy businessman he was once laid off and nearly lost his own home. I've been through this I know what these people are called. He figured if it could happen to him he could happen to anyone. So Bruce decided to help others get your home's back I can sit here and help these people -- not -- -- like walking away from somebody in an accident. His not for profit HS I trust home savers has taken over 200 cases since he started in 2009. And Bruce says he's gotten a good outcome in almost all of them these are the folks. Worked saved put their money into their homes. -- against her pension to get their homes. They have -- they have or the American dream. For the most part Bruce gets results by crunching numbers knowing the available programs and getting the banks to see that modifying the loan is in their interest. How did you get from the point. Of them being two weeks to sell the house of them wanting to modify the loan we're actually talking to folks -- -- the modifications most of -- time. We can get to all of the resource is that an individual homeowner court. But Bruce tracks his ability to work -- banks to somebody else's wealth. His background as a counselor for juvenile delinquents. How to be more. His servicers compare -- harder and Hank and Mike the bass lessons. We're from eight to twelve year old kids and had never been given an incentive to think of what's called the alternatives to situations a lot of his kids what I want her to answer. Who's helping them understand there's referred to as the fourth -- doing now with the services -- around that is exactly what other. Mike Caldwell was the first client Bruce took off going up against -- mercker I knew in my high affinity and have a chance. And was -- for Bruce we can't honestly say that I was still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Home -- doesn't work for free Bruce uses a sliding scale allowing people to pay what they -- How -- are working together with people like Heather. Bruce can accomplish big things sports remember that auction date -- Bruce made some calls talk the talk to and -- Luckily all on. You know Bruce worked his magic and we got it pushed to fat at February seconds. And now that seven month battle they've been fighting may be coming to a happy close. So far -- monthly payment has been reduced from about 2600. To just under 17100 dollars. And after we called GM AC they agreed to postpone Heather's auction date until March. In his statement they say they are committed to working with borrowers like Heather. This is all great news a special gift from a special man especially around the holidays. Do you think that it is a good omen. That the man helping you looks like he did he said. You know it can only help what's Christmas going to be like it's going to be tough. -- what they only have one child and you know my mother's very understanding. Its. Also brings home what really matters and where exactly I live in this country I have a home in. I want to live the dream you know that's all I wanna do -- I wanna live -- during.

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{"id":15134140,"title":"Homesaver Helps Others Avoid Foreclosure","duration":"7:26","description":"ABC's Chris Cuomo talks with a businessman who negotiates with banks.","url":"/Nightline/video/home-save-foreclosure-banks-business-negotiate-family-15134140","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}