Hotel Confidential: What You Didn't Know

Meet the guru who uncovers the dirty little secrets of hotels, motels and inns.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for Hotel Confidential: What You Didn't Know
If you have ever stayed in a bad hotel, you know there are some problems that even continental breakfast and free hbo can't fix. You are able to meet one guy that who makes sure that bad stays don't happy to good people. He is a hospitality crusader. So what can you learn from him for the next time you check? ? Here is matt gutman. Reporter: His shtick is mattress flipping and cockroach kicking. We have a very ugly bedspread. Look at this. Reporter: And a suit in the searing heat. I can see some stains here. Reporter: Despite the appearance of a pit bull, he is here to help. Why to you make that call? Well, we're struggling right now just to stay afloat. Reporter: E see, anthony is a hotel fixer. If you look at the travel channel show "hotel impossible," you think it would be tear free. But most of these are mom and pop operations, real people who need anthony's help. Wow. It's something I dreamed about having but we couldn't afford to have. Reporter: What you might call is flea bag is all they go. I acampaigned him to day tone that beach. If we don't get help, we will not be here much longer. Things are gotten bad. Reporter: They are hardly alone. By the end of 2009, nearly 40,000 hotel employees have been laid off. And many with permanent no vac vacancy signs. Who want fos see dead flowers. Reporter: We randomly chose a room to inspect. Did you set me up? Reporter: You just stepped on a cockroach. Maybe pee did in here. He started as a bellboy and worked his way up. Now, he is a consul substantiate, overing hotels and people like us valuable tips. His top four. Make sure the hotel lock works and use it. Check the floor. Bed bug search. And put your suitcase on a metal stand, not a wood one. And the grout, he wants to be toothpaste waste. What needs be fixed is not fixed. And what needs to be clean is relativ relatively clean. And he is finding out guests really want. I don't like these pillows. Most throw them on the floor. And we put them on the bed. Reporter: The owners, it's tough love. Put that in your hand. That is more than a month's worth of cigarettes. If it doesn't pick up this month, we might not make it through the summer. Reporter: They are owned the hotel for 20 years. It's all they know. It's humiliating to have someone come in here and tell you you don't know what you are doing. Reporter: They have no choice but to trust this hotel doctor and the bitter medicine he prescribes. Under the guidance of his side kick, the painting, rearranging, plumbing, steam cleaning the And perhaps the beauty of the show is anthony belief in redemption. Is there hope that it's crumbling around you? I put systems in place and i show them a map. You walk on this map, i guarantee you your reputation is on the line. Oh, wow. Reporter: And it is turned around. The work is always done by the end of the show. I may be a layer of point thick but it makes the hotel impossible possible. I'm matt gutman for "nightline," daytona beach, florida. And the season finale airs monday on the travel channel. Just ahead, god save the

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{"id":16926977,"title":"Hotel Confidential: What You Didn't Know","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the guru who uncovers the dirty little secrets of hotels, motels and inns.","url":"/Nightline/video/hotel-confidential-16926977","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}