What It's Like to Be 'Humin'

New app acts like a personal butler, fetching info from your phone to help recall faces, names and numbers.
2:36 | 09/04/14

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Transcript for What It's Like to Be 'Humin'
pay-tv providers. Don't mess with free TV A whole new wave of apps is helping their smartphones live up to their names. Our developers know so much about them. They say it is ready to start acting like it. Reporter: We've all been the there. Oh, oh, my god. Reporter: Too bad we don't all have a personal assistant to help jog our memories like Miranda priestly in "The devil wears Prada". That is the woman he left his wife for, Rebecca. Reporter: But now, a new app promises to be the next best thing. Human is all about making your smartphone, well, more human, transforming it into a kind of personal digital butler. Here is how it works, say you bump into somebody you first met at a party two weeks ago but can't remember her name. Simply search the words "Girl from party two weeks ago" and it will mind your network calendars, even your social networks, coming up with names and faces that fit that description. What we've done is redesign your phone. Reporter: He is the brain behind the human, and claims the app will boost your performance at work. So when you land in New York, you can quickly text to let people know you're in town. Reporter: And after one of those blurry nights out he said you will never again find yourself in a swing straight out of "Swingers". Who is that? Reporter: Human is part of a new breed of contextual apps, that make our phones better information servers, like Google map that helps, or the ones that have the travel plans and boarding plans at the ready when you start for the airport. It makes the app smarter. It actually makes it w3smart. Reporter: So it makes sense that "Human" has famous fans, they're using the app and juggling a bigger entourage than the rest of us. And a famous name behind the scenes, too, Ariel Zuckerberg, the famous man's sister is involved. For "Nightline," in New York. That is some family business. Thank you for watching ABC news.

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{"id":25241628,"title":"What It's Like to Be 'Humin'","duration":"2:36","description":"New app acts like a personal butler, fetching info from your phone to help recall faces, names and numbers.","url":"/Nightline/video/humin--25241628","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}