Hurricane Florence continues to pound the Carolina coast

At least four people are dead, and more than 700,000 people are without power after being hit by the storm.
9:29 | 09/15/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence continues to pound the Carolina coast
Here'sabc's Tom llamas. Reporter: Tonightence, a Orm that is tantly changing, battling north and south ca on slowarch across the Carolinas. But a massive rainr,eaving ruin in its wake. Storm is wreaking havoc on O state. Ter: Gas stationsdestroyed. Homes under water. Peopnd pets stranded amid downed power lines and trees.arly 1 million custors without power.ate people are now dead. Including a mother and infant. We are sadde today to anno tirst fatal thistorm in Wilmington. A mother and approxily 8-montold were kid after a tree fell onto house, crushinghe Managing T rescue T father, who was rushed to the hospit. Th fire chief describin on the howhey had to cutthrough three to geohe fahese firefigs we out here the height of this storm with vement and the win and E instability of the tree. Reporte Wilmington first ondersutside home kneeling in prayer. In other parts of north carolina,ising WATE swept in. Trapng manyho emoti pleas for help. Thi epic flooding. Epicfloodi Reporter: Florence is N tropical storm. Ose catashic rains likely toontinueou the weekend. Poundin Cana rightnow. What's happening is the is shifting. It's actually pushinghe water now onshore. They're gating ready for a two to oottosurge. The worriedbout possible ic to cattrophic. His storm deadly. This is only the beginning. Reporter:he storm first making landfall 1 near wrightsville be north Lina. K at their amount of wateriv -- Reporter: Our teamtationed laarmington pummed by the winds. Tis whatory 1 storm looks like. Itferoouthese winds arewhipping. The mid it just seen signs flygacross the roads here.the deckare standing on, boards H starting up from the end of it. Orter: Tho boards becong a danger. The boards are coming up, let's ahead, we're going to GU thiss justne of probably about a doz board topped up off their nails. Because of that we Thi acti almost LE anirplane re it was png up the window it to pop the boardsnd feet. So it was much more safe for us to be re. Rne of the hardt-hit cities, new be noca I'veer bn so teifie in my entiife. It washorrif. A beautiful river town, now under water. A storm surge O more than 10 feet Inda the city overnight. Flooding theriver, leaving ndreds of reranded. Look how high this is W, twiceseep as it was 10 on a generator until the water star to we're about to have to kill thrator,t's about to fill with wa R: It was a generator blamed for deathkinston, the resident trocuted. And sny devastatings captured by thoseing Ittarted to gedeep, folks. Repter: Jay schiberith his wife soting Thi video from the secondfloo It'srobably 12 feet up from normal.t of debris out the heavy this thatuldn't B this close tbuildings. Repr: Waist-deep in places. Streets now rivers. Homes becoming lands. We are continuing to do sc throughout the people a night L have been inic and roofs asking for help we a cling for more resources. Weasked the govnor to send out the nard. Reporte theational grd spending to that call. Resc the mostvulnerable, children, and rab my hand anyime you . Eporter: Somers and nurse M vonteered took at the hospital THR O stress but ihink peoere St proud be doing what 're doing. Reporter: Houston's house O ofhe many tt flood. It's hard. I was littlerful earlier. Knowingme to. At least I'me with my co-workers. Reporter: Communitys putogether help where they can. This is actually one of the uevehicles. This is S trying to get in oat in a rescue people from all that flooding. Those rs are right now trying to tree S they C clear the road and get toewbern. Reporter: Brandon weatherito he'seenut since 4:00 A.M. Working through rricane. So these ? I'd hope they'd do it for me ter: The relie effort far-reacng. Bravo traveled in new York all fdny andypd officers. They specialize in water rescues. Ear they responded to hurricanes Har Irma, MARIA. Ther the storm in this wareho heading O on scues at day. Helmets, everything, please. This is the real deal. Reporter:icers are briefed. Anyone you eate F area the launching there's going to be ls that are going to te them to shelter from there. Reporter:acking thecks supplies. Once the reach the staging ar, Ty their zodiac rescue boat in pouring rn. Go dooto door I river bend, north Caro, responding to S. We've done the first set - Reporter: Navigating ngerous currents tod trapped residents and get the to fety. Get out there and do what're train to do that's a greatthing. Rter: The flooding not only threatening people but ma pets well. Come it's ok Reporter: Frightened dogs cats, soaked bone, carried to fety. For 24 hours dealing with the wind rain,e have at least a werday, 24o 30ho left ofs. Wh W really concerned about would be the amount of watehat is Y come. There have been ny 20 inches ofn that hasatten at Newport more he, close to here. You Tak the watery' alreadad, add anher 10 to 15 ches, you' in the 30o 40-inch. Some of the rivers and creeks ood at 5 T 10 order less. It has to try to tra to than and it won't be able to. That'sre we'reoingeee biggest concern. Reporter: The stormti on its P ofdestructio Sona bracing for the next round of castrophic flooding. For "Gh'm Tom llamas in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our thanks to T llamas. Ch devasta already from Florence and the worst could B yet tocome. Let's bringabc'sam champion. Walk us THR storm has D T this point. Ways. This -- will a lot of big headlines on itn wook back. First, that we've B talng about is storm since August 30th. Cameff thefrican coast and moved toward the U.S. Winds. Even at that point the hurricane center was sensing the would be some stalling withs storm. That I would wobble a wiggle a the coastline. To be one of signature H of this storm and why the impacts we so brutal. Orm surgne of theirst ones.ev this storm me landfall at 7: N Wilmington, we had storm surge more THA 150 water rescues in new Bern, nlina, about a 10-foot storm S there before storm made landfall. Then the slow crawl along the north outh Carolina cotline. That is still going on the areas THA srted well before storm landfall. Moving forwardhat cons you most the next , 48 Hou rain, rain,flooding, flngflooding. A lot it. You'reoing to B surprised who involved with this storm as it curves up the U.S long rmer, by Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, we're into northern new engla with some of Moree stoert term, those totals arl. They'r to 2, 2 to 4 inches in extre new england.but the B rainfall totals this I rn yet to come. Could have 15 inches of R of Wilmington. Look at what goes O in south calina. 10 to 1 inches of rain additionalthere. Not unusual T see intense flooding with that kind of numb T its worse. Because all ofhe rain in nor Carolina, the water shedto southcarolina. So they' H flooding intonext week. Rivers won'ting cresting any time soon Glad you're here, Sam Cham, thank Y so much. Up next, howrence could be a one-two pun for one north rever devastati caused by another storm.

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{"duration":"9:29","description":"At least four people are dead, and more than 700,000 people are without power after being hit by the storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57841753","title":"Hurricane Florence continues to pound the Carolina coast","url":"/Nightline/video/hurricane-florence-continues-pound-carolina-coast-57841753"}