Hurricane Sandy Hits Atlantic City Hard

ABC's Ginger Zee is on the ground in Atlantic City where much of the city is underwater.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Sandy Hits Atlantic City Hard
Ginger Z of our extreme weather team is on the ground in Atlantic City. Where much of the city is underwater part of that famous boardwalk has been blown away and those iconic neon lights have gone. Totally dark -- Then he'll win even more punishing them back side of this department you can imagine that we had at 66 mile per hour -- earlier. I think we're Heatley -- doing and you're the only official numbers coming in. That got to tell you. The entire day Peterson got here there's water on both sides most of this city is -- -- water. And it is one of so many problems that this huge storm that brought. Even more than it -- The super storm isn't super disaster in Atlantic City. Entire sections of this good time town now completely under water. The water started rising with high -- of early this morning and street after street the water just didn't stop. Carrying chunk of the city's famous boardwalk into the street. Just a few miles from us real -- from the top of this building that debris slamming into the ground just inches from local news cameraman. Let's look at and no wonder this is all ocean coming over -- a storm surge has started the tide is coming up and the storm is -- right now. We drove around looking for a way to get back before the worst of the storm hits. That's stuff. Absolutely everywhere you can -- throughout the streets that are without rolling debris here the light this and I really like that -- -- CB on that -- the electricity and streets are already out. We met some people like McKenna long -- decided to try their luck and ride out the storm. We've got her -- -- Pittsnogle Obama for the best then it was bad news for people like McKenna. Governor Chris Christie announced no rescue services in Atlantic City until tomorrow morning. I cannot in in good conscience in the -- in the dark -- all the various hazards that would occur he blasted the mayor for encouraging people to stay in shelters rather than moving in for those elected officials who. Decided to ignore my admonition this is -- your responsibility. As day turned -- night the storm passed ferociously. At least 66 miles per hour wind gusts recorded at the airport. Then just a couple of hours ago that strange moment when it all went quiet. First I -- that's not the storms onslaught then resumed and it's likely to keep pummeling the city through the night. We're not. Here. Keep appointments. At -- that time and unsound. I didn't want to spend time rising and -- unit and buying dollars. The flooding in all but apparently there are not children. At that -- -- at the end thanks as always in Jersey.

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{"id":17595678,"title":"Hurricane Sandy Hits Atlantic City Hard","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Ginger Zee is on the ground in Atlantic City where much of the city is underwater.","url":"/Nightline/video/hurricane-sandy-hits-atlantic-city-hard-17595678","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}