Ice Cream Confidential

"The Lookout" team hits the New York streets to see, "Can ice-cream flavors match your personality?"
5:01 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Ice Cream Confidential
Up next, we're chilling with the ice cream flavor test. And you thought vanilla was boring. Free ice cream, who wants it? Can I interest you in free ice cream. This is a study that says that your favorite ice cream will match your personality. We're going to see if it works. We tricked out andy's italian ice food truck for the day. Ready to rock and roll, yeah. Reporter: And bought ten of baskin robbins 31 flavors all to take a look at the results of a survey they announced last week. The survey suggestion among other things that vanilla lovers are more likely to be impulsive. Chocolate lovers dramatic and flirtatious. Here you go, miss dramatic. Reporter: WE WONNERED WHAT Happened if you ordered up your personal type. There is impulsive, loving. I'm impulsive. That means vanilla. How accurate are the findings here? I like strawberry. Which one are you? Tolerant and intro verted. There you go. Reporter: It did work in a lot of cases. Dramatic, charming. What's your favorite ice cream? Chocolate. Really? Because that's chocolate. I'm cautious. Do you have any allergies. Reporter: Sometimes -- what's your personality. Dramatic. Oh, dramatic? Yes, she was. Flashback. As we found out moments earlier. You have pretty eyes. Thank you so much, thank you. Reporter: This is a singe. She's definitely flirtatious and she's -- this is chocolate. Oh, your face -- you don't like it? No. I like chocolate. Reporter: Word started to get out about what we were up to. So we decided to take our unofficial survey uptown to harlem. Can you pick your personality off this board. Yes. Loving, supportive. Sounds like a clear case of pray liens and cream. What flavor do you go for? Pray liens and cream. That's exactly it. Wow, good, yeah. I'm generous. Says you like chocolate chip. I hate chocolate. That's wrong. This one here, competitive visionary. Pushup contest with me right now? Sure. Let's go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Mike, you're in very good shape. Oh, god. I'm embarrassed now. I worked for that ice cream. Reporter: He should be a cookie dough. Was he? Thank you. I feel ambitious. If you walked into an ice cream shop -- I would definitely choose this. Thank you. Reporter: We can't tell you too much about the study or how it was conducted because strangely baskin robbins and its researchers refuse to show or talk to us about their data. Is this rocky road? Not what you like? I hate rocky road. So the survey makes no sense. It has no bearing in reality. Apparently. For you two at least. Yes. Reporter: Baskin robbins did tell us that the findings are a fun and light hearted way for us to engage with fans while highlighting our most popular flavors. What did those cynical new yorkers who took part in our unscientific taste test. Thumbs up or down? Reporter: Nevertheless, they ate that ice cream. Most people we asked said the ice cream we served them really was their favorite. Oh, my god, this is delicious. Reporter: We learned that new yorkers loved vanilla. Vanilla. Is that who you are? Yes. Reporter: They are impulsive and idealist. Who says vanilla is boring. Does your flavor match you? You can find out here at abcnews.Com.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"\"The Lookout\" team hits the New York streets to see, \"Can ice-cream flavors match your personality?\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19766439","title":"Ice Cream Confidential ","url":"/Nightline/video/ice-cream-confidential-19766439"}