Inauguration: Freedom Riders, Crowds React to Obama's Speech

The president's historic address was emotional for many in the inauguration crowds.
3:00 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for Inauguration: Freedom Riders, Crowds React to Obama's Speech
One man two bottles and more than 500000. Americans back into the streets of Washington. For chance to see history in the making it was the -- of that crowd that made President Obama paused today to take it all in one last time. And I Geiger bill where money was out there. To find out what this day means to so many. Dawn of a second term but the -- watch. And before that don't even broke. Die hards were there. Resting up for a big game for the sky over the capital turns -- it is time to roast in -- Because those lines of Obama faithful are on the march again with numbers that have the hawkers hoping for -- -- -- stimulus. So -- yeah. -- Point four years ago this place was electric the bitter cold air thrumming. -- the promise of history so it's very. About eight hour trip through the who's now and everything quiet yeah -- I'm really good. You -- here is amazing isn't history it's one of those days -- -- in my lifetime. Nearly two million turned up to see poetry that day but one term later the prose of governing cut the number and half of those who did. Comparisons are unfair for them the real election of this president is good enough reason to bundle up. Or in rare case dress down. -- Republicans out -- look and you go out there there's an Obama voter right there actually our public and our yes yeah. So what are you doing -- All mostly just because either way I think -- -- his -- president. Over -- Republican citing their last night. -- -- This moment -- savored by all sorts of Americans but it was especially powerful. For African Americans. One of their own sworn in on Martin Luther King's Bible and Martin. They divine -- -- -- heard Hillary's foreign who have -- -- he get a second. Hear about it here break and the -- -- and our privilege and the camera from Chicago but how early did you -- Six yeah. How many layers are you wearing. -- -- -- And Mabel from Clovis South Carolina. Four years ago she insulated herself from the cold with pictures of her ancestors freed slaves and sharecroppers. I. And day she was back. For that Mabel is great to see you again the great thing I hope you brought your photos again yes I did open -- ship -- global slump in alignment. Guillen and what do you think they would make of a -- like this -- and look and -- -- mindedness. They really wouldn't -- words. Doesn't we thought we know but not limited disease in. Some polls show that rather than these racial tensions in America the first Obama term has made them worse. Mabel disagrees. -- would you character that's the level of race relations in America today. The goddess of Allentown then I -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Place to live in the world regardless of limerick not look -- what what -- we have we had to do it over again I would not change a thing coming about employee. With the win the -- every -- -- have more people in beautiful game. And then there was Joseph Mulholland and Reginald green. They -- here fifty years ago when Doctor King spoke of his dream. At the feet of Lincoln before that they were jailed in Jackson Mississippi as defiant freedom writers -- risking life to live. And liberty for the cause of civil rights. And four years ago they were in tears. As Barack Obama fulfilled the dream. It's just -- yes this joyous and here they were again today. Living proof. How far America can come in one lifetime. And like much of the crowd there are more subdued and reflective than they were during Obama's first -- Any president has shortcomings and they all have great hopes and dreams going into it. And then -- cold hard reality of Washington politics hits. What stories do you tell. From this area the kids that help them understand just how big this is that we went from this to this in your lifetime. Just says -- -- persons in. -- call us and a reason. To do what we did. That there -- clauses that -- to -- and what do you say to the 47%. Of Americans who voted the other way. -- many points that we can all agree on let's find those in work from there.

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{"id":18281330,"title":"Inauguration: Freedom Riders, Crowds React to Obama's Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"The president's historic address was emotional for many in the inauguration crowds.","url":"/Nightline/video/inaugural-balls-parties-celebs-gowns-music-18281330","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}