Only one way down: Inside the competition with the world's most elite cliff divers

Sixteen world-class athletes converged in Azores, Portugal, for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, where they competed in various events from jaw-dropping heights.
7:32 | 08/07/18

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Transcript for Only one way down: Inside the competition with the world's most elite cliff divers
so why do theyit? "Nightline" special correspondwill reit rhi Iffland is autohat for many odisce unfath the ols cliff diving'sden girl a two-time worlseries chain dominat a srtall Abo pushing and higher. When you're standing the height. And I ink the fear is a lygood thing This is cliff diving world series. Se venues, 1 athletes, all riin and limb for that perfec10. Rhiannans become the rst womanin the series three years inrow, a feat knows won't be easy. Yout toaway with that amazing feeling of standing on of the podium.ti in the heart of the atlantic, azores. F volcanic islands a thousand miles of mainland Portugal, wherusreen hil give way tgged cliff weustot tohe island. We are driving T the marina where we'll cat a boa out to the smaller island. The weather N 'S it's rainy. Uncl if theivers E able go off today, but we will be there ifhey do. Look at this. This is the island the middle of's a rk in the middle of the ocean where these diversill be jumping off is incribly dramac. First glimpsehowing us St how hig these CLI realre. Iannan a her competition will dive fro rocp feet in the ai 'S three Tes heigh of the highest oly ve.they hit T wat at a whopping 53 miles P hour. It's whirlwind two years for walked a wild card my firs season andalked os the worldchampion KO her friend as rhi and known T as then to beat, the ralian nive has been diving since she was I atrampolinist, and we use aot of theimilar skills. So the train was Q easy. But took a while to get used he hgh and get used to there on the ptform. What do you F the way of fear doubt before, during an aft T dive? Definy fore T worst pa I theead up he dive. It's the hour be the, know. Yonk about it constantly. Yo up in the morning oka I've got to dive from 20s today. Ameridavid knowshat well. It's been anonal journey for him,opping back from an injury that almost killed his career. After last year's sixthce Fini, thezores is Pring ground. It's crazy. This is one of tghest spots. Obviously it's an incredible lo but environmentally it's probably one of the tout we ha.unpredictable elements crash wav makehis S tricky a potentially Ng athletes dive straight into G ocean. Aafam wn the water in case anything goes G. Andtre they Doi tke sureu're safe once U hit T te Ll, the first responders, you . Th'r there in T water with yf does use it ismon for a knockout. Ta a blow at 80 kilomers an Hou tour chin, they're therch you, basically. You have an injury, Y can't swim out of water, there there to catch you. Envirmentally Y have to deal with ves and wind and in and colhot. The isld can kd of get all four sns in oneday. So a challenge for sure. But it'lso Maybe that's fund, for peopllike me,s petrifying. I' admit it. I amrifiedf heigs. I don get it. B with littleit coaxing, I head up to get diver's perspective. We're 27meters,0 ft E air. My legs are jelly, but I have Greg loug gain anislouganis, the sports director, the legenda diver T walk M out. You ready No. My god. Thought they tol M I'm supposo push you off. No. Don't even joke. I'd like to go back. Ay finally,s competition time. Spectators gather in the water below as each ateor eir dive.vid heads up F hisirst atteof the day. Visualize my dive. Io a couple the movements called modeling you'll kind of squat, swing your your head budo the moments. And then you walk U and you'r O stay caland. N it'si's turn. Then athlete showing ohy S beatable, becoming just the an to get a perfect You got a ye did! I got a 10, I got Clearly very exciting. Since I was yearsold. Finally get a 10 was kind of a little bit un. I didn'teally believe it. Da isnfth. 'Ll be looking for a strong final to make to it the pium. And rhi is in first. We'l she can hon. David is up on the platform, gettineady fis fal dive. He's got to leave it all out oh! I mean, ifessional opinion, that was fanttic, David. It turns out I was right. The one othe most chnicall diffi in the sport, Ming him up tcond pl The tical term a rs twoomersaults with a twist. I do fou a a twists with one somersault.quare outnd loo T ts how you end up feet first into the water. Rhi, holding hlead, mak to top of the winner's podium. Are all of youenaline junkie I you see me before the DI I D look an adrenaline junkie. What do youook like? Sometimes I look like a baby, a mess. But, yeah, I thinkare. To goough all of that, that , all the emotions, and then to Wal right bk up and D I again, we must be.that's theest F and th's the besthing. That's what I about this sport is that you're facing your fear every da and it feels absoluty awesome torcome thatear, I gue. In tt spir there's one last dive bef we caneave the island I'm taking a leap of faith of M own,afelyndupervise from 30 feet up. Nowhere near impreive as the pr, but Ty high fo me. H! Not that bad, right? Nott bad.I' do it

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{"id":57076021,"title":"Only one way down: Inside the competition with the world's most elite cliff divers ","duration":"7:32","description":"Sixteen world-class athletes converged in Azores, Portugal, for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, where they competed in various events from jaw-dropping heights.","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-competition-worlds-elite-cliff-divers-57076021","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}